Time Changes

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Traveling Across Time Zones with a Baby

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

My son is on a very strict schedule: he wakes up at 6:30 and has a snack to tide him over, eats breakfast at 7:30, has a snack at 10, lunch at 12, naps from 1-4, snac...


Daylight Savings Time Causing Problems

C.L. asks from San Francisco

i wonder if anyone is experiencing any problems with the daylight savings time. here's my problem... my son is now waking up at around 7:30am. before it used to ...


Daylight Savings Time Change Torture

M.S. asks from Syracuse

We are having a really hard time with the daylight savings time change. My son is 22 months and I have a 9 month old daughter as well. They are both very loud when th...


Daylight Savings Time - Still Not Back to Normal

S.K. asks from Boston

my son has never been a good sleeper and everytime he is sick and he gets up alot during the night...we seem to have to do a cry it out again to get him sleeping bett...


Kids Are up Too Early!!!

J.O. asks from Chicago

My kids get up at 4AM every day and its driving me crazy. I religiously keep them on schedule to a T. They nap every day from 1-2:30pm. After they wake up I have a...


Mom Seeking Advice on Time Changes with Sleep Schedule

C. asks from Chicago

We are traveling overseas with our 18th month old, 7 hours time difference. Do any Moms have advice in switching sleep schedules? Has anyone tried putting the child...


Help, My Baby Goes to Bed Too Early and Wakes Too Early

M.C. asks from Kansas City

any suggestions are welcome - my 6 month old used to sleep from 8 or 9pm till 6am, which was really nice. but as she has started giving up her late afternoon nap, and...


Is It Possible to Get My Son to Sleep Later?

A.S. asks from Minneapolis

Daylight savings time has been rough on us. My husband and I are not morning people and since daylight savings time our 10 month old son has been getting up any time ...


Waking Too Early

R.K. asks from San Francisco

hi moms, my one-and-a-half year old daughter wakes at about quarter to five each morning since daylight savings time. she is not getting enough sleep. her bedtime ...


JFF- What's the Earliest You've Put Your Kids to Bed?

X.O. asks from Chicago

It has been one of those days--my 2 yr old and 7 month old have colds, and my 4 yr old has been running amok. I've had it today! I am so ready for them to go to be...