Once upon a Time Tv Show?

Updated on November 08, 2011
J.T. asks from Victoria, TX
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I like this show but always seem to miss it. It came on at 7 tonight and I caught the last 10 mins or so. I usually remember it durring the week.

Have watched the pilot and the first episode "the thing you love the most". However tonights episode is not avalible to watch online as of yet.

I was just wondering if anyone knew when it will be aired online? Do I need to wait till 9 or ten after the West Coast has the chance to view it? Why is it not up on the web site yet? Do I wait till tomorrow ? Anyone know?

We are on central time zone.

Oh and daylight savings time was today :/ bummer again...at least its only twice a year.

(another momma complained about paragraphs so i went a bit crazy! how do you like this? sorry in advance for my grammer and spelling...i am from texas- actually my husband who is also from texas speaks proper english i truly cannot blame it on texas. )

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So What Happened?

pooty guess i have to wait till tomorrow. that means i have to clean the house :( sad day! lol ty mommas for answering my question.

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answers from Dallas on

I have seen all of the episodes so far and I am loving it. I usually DVR it because when it comes on I am usually cleaning up after dinner or getting kids bathed and ready for bed. I can usually catch most shows on Hulu the next day or a few days after they air.

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answers from Chicago on

typically you have to wait until the next day for them to be online. I have Hulu Plus and I get it the next day.

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answers from Charlotte on

Never blame grammar and spelling errors on being from a specific state. There isn't one state in the entire US that has a population of poor spellers or poor English. It's bad enough when people who aren't from the South think that way about Southerners - don't give them an excuse for it.

Try looking up online when your show will air. Sometimes it waits a few weeks after the pilot.


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answers from Dallas on

Yes, you have to wait until tomorrow to watch it online. I love the show! I too have to watch it online due to watching Amazing Race that comes on at the same time. It's a cute show.

BTW, your grammer and spelling is just fine. I've seen some on here that I've just shook my head at, but at yours no shaking, lol. And just because you're from Texas doesn't mean you have bad grammer. And yes, I'm from Texas too. :)

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answers from Cleveland on

Hee Hee I like your paragraphs, I actually have good grammar and decent spelling. It's the typing that gets me, that and i'm too lazy to fix it.

Anyhow, this is one show i actually do happen to catch. Not super consistently, but I saw most of tonights. I think the characters are soo pretty, I also have a crush on Prince Charming. It's very well filmed too, like mini movies.

Anyhow, I'm not sure when you can watch it online. I think when i used to do that with Lost it was the next day, but i could be remembering wrong.
I noticed tonight that it was on at 7 and then the episode i watched was on at 8. I assumed the 7 pm one was a rerun.

I don't want to give anything away but the 8 pm one i saw was about PCharming and Snowwhite, i can tell you more if you pm me before i go to bed :)

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answers from Kansas City on

It depends on the network. Some of them you have to wait 24 hours. Some of them 1 week. (For a while the Syfy channel was doing 30 days which was so dumb)

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answers from Dallas on

You have to wait until tomorrow. I missed it tonight too. Be grateful we don't have to wait 8 days like some other shows! I hope it gets moved to 8. 7 is right when I start getting my kids to bed, so bad timing for me.

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answers from College Station on

Its on at 7pm, Sunday nights

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answers from Minneapolis on

I watch this show too and watch it online sometime during the week. I watch Amazing Race and it's a the same time. I actually watch a lot of shows online. Most are the next day, ABC, NBC but other like CW are 3 or 4 days after the air date, FOX I think it usually 8 days although Fringe is next day on Hulu. Then I just found out that Psych on USA is now 30 days after air date.

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answers from Seattle on

Hulu has them all, so you don't have to worry about days and times.Just subscribe to the show and watch them at your leisure.

As far as air times, that changes per their contract with Hulu. Some air immediately after the TV has finished, others wait 24 hours, others wait until 24 hours + midnight in (east coast, mid, mountain, pacific, hawaii). TOTALLY depends on the contract.

Hulu+ will have every episode (and you can watch on your TV as well as computer), HuluFree will have at least the last 5 episodes.

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answers from Kansas City on

I can usually find ABC shows on Hulu the next morning. You really need to watch episode 2 before you watch last nights...

This show is written by the writers who wrote Lost...so I will always watch them in order...

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answers from Houston on

Yeah, don't blame it on Texas, Jackie. You can blame it on Victoria, though--LOL. I rarely know anymore when my favorite shows come on. I'm not even interested in watching them in real time. I just set my DVR to pick up everything that I like whenever it comes on, and I watch when I'm ready. Do you have this option?

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answers from Washington DC on

You're funny.

I do like it better when the posts are written in short paragrahs.

I've never seen the show. So I can't asnwer your question. We spent the evening making caramel apples and watching M*A*S*H dvds.

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