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Upcoming Time Change and Baby's Sleeping?

K.K. asks from Grand Rapids

With the time change quickly approaching, I started wondering what this will do to my baby's sleep schedule. Currently, he goes down at 6:30pm, wakes up at 11:30pm t...


Waking up TOO Early

J.A. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or knows what to do. I have a 21 month old little man who we have a little night time routine of bath, reading, bed...


Acai Berry Burn with Green Tea

M.G. asks from Oklahoma City

has anyone tried this ive looked on the net and they say this is the best one it has the green tea. im trying to loose the baby fat and im useing a excerise ball ever...


22 Month Old Getting up at 4:45 Am!!!

S.B. asks from Duluth

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Our 22 month old is usually a very good sleeper, going to bed at 7-7:30 PM and normally waking @ 6:30-7 AM or so. Ho...


Changing Early Morning Wake Up!!!!

M.E. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, My 18 month old son has decided for the past week to start waking up between 4:45-5:00 am. It is brutal. He is WIDE awake and will not go back to slee...


Can I Wake My Baby up an Hour Early?

T.G. asks from Johnson City

I was going to be a stay at home mom but recently decided to start looking for work. Problem is my 8 mo old baby wakes up on the late side at 7:30 which would make it...


Looking for Ideas and Suggestions for Overseas Travel W/ 20 Month Old

D.J. asks from Minneapolis

My husband and I along with my inlaws, my mother and some other extended family members are flying to Europe at the end of September. This will be our son's first le...


Questions About Wake up Time for 7-Month Old

J.H. asks from New York

When we decided to sleep train our son at 5.5 months, he generally went to sleep around 8 and woke up about 7. The last few days he's been waking up at 6am. I am grat...


Help with Toddler Not Sleeping Well

L.F. asks from Syracuse

I have a 3 year old that has always been a good sleeper, but lately she has been waking up 2 - 3 times a night and waking up really early. She has also been fighting ...


Daylight Savings = Unbearable Wake up Time

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My 2 year old used to sleep from 8:30pm-6:30am. Since daylight savings happened, he now wakes up like clockwork at 5:30am. I tried moving his bedtime later (9) and ...