Sleep Schedule and Daylight Savings Time

Updated on November 10, 2009
B.B. asks from San Francisco, CA
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Hi everyone. We are definitely having some issues with the daylight savings time change and our 7 month old's sleeping schedule. I'm sure i'm not alone. I'd love to hear your experiences with this: if it's affecting you. Any tips for dealing with it? Thanks in advance.

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answers from Sacramento on

Try shifting toward the new time in ten of fifteen minute increments until you're adjusted. So like if your LO used to have a nap at 2 but now what used to be 2 is now 1, make the nap at 1:15, then 1:30, then 1:45 then finally 2:00 and you'll be back to something that makes more sense according to the clock.

Hope this helps.

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answers from Mansfield on

We also are having issues. My kids are 10,6, & 4 and still are struggling with the change. They are ready to go to bed an hour before their regular bed time (which would be great but usual evening activities such as chores, homework, family time, dinner, ect. are not getting done).
Thea's tips are great for babies... just slowly adjust there schedule to yours as you did when the baby was a newborn. Enjoy that age it goes by so fast!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hopefully you've had success with this already. I just wanted to add that I read the following helpful tip about sticking to your children's regular sleep schedule and just knowing that they might be cranky for a day or two while they adjust. This is the approach we take.

"Maintain your child's regular sleep, wake and nap times. Try not to compensate for the lost hour by delaying bedtime or allowing your child to sleep in. This will increase the time it takes to transition. There may be some crankiness from being tired, but this should last only a day or two."

Hope this helps!



answers from Yuba City on

Hi B.,
I don't have any advice, just wanted to vent. My 18 month old was up at 4:52 this morning! He woke at 5:30 the day before and 5:06 the day before that! He is my 3rd child and I have no idea how to cope. He was down to 1 nap a day but now I'm trying for 2. Wish me luck and I'll do the same for you!



answers from Sacramento on

If the problem is the child is waking too early in the morning because of the light, be sure you have darkening shades or curtains at the window.



answers from Modesto on

Hi B.,

Well, now that it's happened, you just have to go with it, and slowly try to adjust. It only took me 1 time to go through that before I did it differently the next time around.

Over the years, I start helping my kids adjust about 5 days before we are going to turn the clocks. By the time the clocks have turned, it's eaiser for all of us to adjust. There is still an adjustment, but it goes quicker, and we don't seem to be as tired.

I know that doesn't help you now, it will take about 1 week and about 15 minutes per night adjustments. But next time try the same thing, just 5 days BEFORE we turn our clocks.

This time around, I think I am the only one in my family who is struggling with this time change :O)

~N. :O)

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