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4 Year Old Might Have Learning Disabilities

M.L. asks from Seattle

I am the mother of a 4 year old, a full time nanny, and have worked in daycares for 10 years. I do "preschool time" with my son (4) and the other 2 boys, both of whom...


Crossed Eyes

J.V. asks from San Francisco

My soon to be 2yr old daughter just started crossing her eyes once in a while when she is looking at something or us is this normal?


Migraine Suffers Please HELP!!!

P.A. asks from Los Angeles

Had a bizarre skiing accident and collided with a snow boarder. Long story cut shot, I fell on the back of my head and felt that I had the wind knocked out of me. Luc...


My 7 Yr Old Has These "Spells" Where His Eyes Shake from Side to Side....

K.S. asks from Phoenix

My 7 yr old has these "spells" where his eyes shake from side to side and it lasts about 2 minutes. This started the day before Thanksgiving. Then the day after, then...


Sibling Fighting

J.A. asks from Spartanburg

My children are 22 months apart, a girl who is almost 4 and a boy who is almost 2. I am an only child so I feel like I have no real reference for sibs and fighting. ...


I Am Looking for Advice or Info from Runner's or Big Time Exercisers Re Health.

D.N. asks from Chicago

I have a 16 yr old that is on the cross country/track teams at school. She is varsity so she has made it up there. She is also a very anxious person that looks to p...


What Do You Do About Teen Siblings Taking Each Others Things Without Asking?

A.D. asks from Minneapolis

I have 2 girls, almost 16 and 18. They both will periodically take something that belongs to the other without asking. Leggings, shoes, chargers, hair accessories, co...


UPDATE Not Ringworm, Bizarre Mystery Circle Rash/Bruise?

C.D. asks from Omaha

So, update, It isn't raised nurse told me it can't be ringworm and to wait tell my baby well to get her looked at and give it a chance to go away. So far it isn't sho...


Crawling Out of Crib

L.T. asks from Miami

Hello Ladies, I just found out my 20 month old can get out of his crib!! Normal behavior,I know,however he is a "spirited" child.He does not talk yet,not...


Have You Ever Momentarily Lost Your Child in a Public Place? - JFF

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

I seem to be the go-to-girl for lost children. Last night at work (I'm a cashier at Wal-mart), I saw this little boy (4 or 5) standing next to the jewelry counter...