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Updated on June 25, 2010
K.W. asks from Jenison, MI
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Hi Ladies,
We are looking at opening a child care developmental center downtown. We are first trying to figure out the demand for this. Wanting to get some feed back from you on what offerings would make this center stand out from the rest i.e. breastfeeding rooms, RN on staff for sick child care, Secondary language teaching, computer hook ups (skype) for you to view your child and communicate. Hours of operation etc.. Would also like to know what you pay for child care. Any information that you would like to contribute would be most helpful. Thank you.

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answers from Indianapolis on

We paid almost $20K last year for 2 kids in full-time day care (1 and 3 years-old). Our facility doesn't offer any of the amenities you refer to in your message. Just classrooms with the appropriate teacher:student ratio for their ages, basic preschool education, social interaction, s, breakfast/lunch/snacks, and most importantly to us SAFETY.

Good luck finding what you're seeking. I'd imagine there are a few places that have those amenities, but you'll likely have to pay considerably more than average.

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answers from Los Angeles on

i think the most important thing is the quality of care that the kids will be receiving. all the extras you mention sound great but if it drives up the cost, you may have a harder time finding parents willing to pay it. just focus on having the msot up to date info on child development, safety precautions, cleanliness, and LOTS of love and tlc w. the kids. that is what i found most lacking in teh ones i visited before i settled with the one my son goes to now (we pay $845/mo for 1 year old btw). we had him enrolled at one ctr and he would just cry and cry for about a month that we had him there. we enrolled him in this one and within a week he was happy, smiling, waving bye to us at the door. the difference was the level of energy and happiness in the room. the teachers were all passionate about children and just radiated a positive energy whereas a lot of centers have mere "babysitters". huge difference.

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answers from Detroit on

The center we go is amazing (like what you are describing) and well worth the extra money per week. It is $240 a week. That was out of our price range but after visiting other centers/homes and having a really bad experience with a home day care, we cut back in other areas of our budget to make it work. What I would love to see is, instead of the teachers entering data on paper sheets (diaper changes, naps, food eaten, notes), they'd enter it in to a computer. It would save paper and make it easier for me to track my son's food intake/sleep (in case of illness), milestones, etc. Good luck!

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