Sick Child Etiquette?

Updated on October 27, 2009
S.C. asks from Suffolk, VA
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Okay this may be a little more of a rant than a question. What is so important that it's okay to subject other children (and adults) to your sick child? What makes people think that their workout or lunch date is more important than anyone elses life? Here is what happened... a child in my son's school had a fever Wednesday night. No fever in the morning because they had been given tylenol. Then had to be picked up from school for a fever because she had the FLU! The mother is a SAHM but had to go workout because she was training for a marathon. Well guess what happened? All 30 kids (and their families) are now exposed. My child who is an asthmatic got it! Many will say maybe my son got it somewhere else, he didn't go anywhere else. School and home and this child was the only one sick! Friday night as we were driving to Great Wolf Lodge for a family weekend he spiked a temp of 102. Because this woman couldn't miss her workout, my child missed an entire weekend at GWL and is missing school, we spent $500 and an entire weekend in a hotel room because he was too sick to drive home! He also missed his soccer game and pictures. Do people just not think! I mean seriously. The rule is don't send your child to school (or return to work) until they are free from fever for 24 hours WITHOUT medication! How hard is that to follow? I'm just really angry right now. Because of others insensitivity and selfishness this is why we are on the verge of a pandemic! Does anyone else feel the ame way?

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answers from Norfolk on

Unfortunately, you can't count on other people to be sensible about their germs. Other peoples priorities are different from yours. We are not on the verge of a pandemic - we are in it. It has been declared worldwide for the purpose to alert people to help them prepare to be as ready for it as they can be. Unfortunately, many people do not take disease or at least flu seriously. They figure "Well, a certain percentage die from it annually anyway and most of the ones who've died so far had under-lying conditions. Why should this year be any different?" and it could be very different this year and maybe next year, too. To those who've lost family members, it's no comfort to them that they are merely a statistic. Those who are so proud that they think are doing what's best for their family s and not buying into the hype and not taking the 'un-tested, un-safe' vaccine could care less they risk being vectors to spread the disease and could care less about those who might be weaker than themselves. I don't like seeing the 'weak should up and die and get it over with' attitude some people have, but it's out there. The best you can do is follow the school sick policy yourself and prepare your family to be able to deal with whatever they are exposed to.



answers from Norfolk on

I agree. What kind of mother would send a sick child to school? Even if she wasn't thinking about the other children, what about how the sick one feels?

My grandson (who lives with us) has already had H1N1, and so have I. They gave us Tamiflu. They also gave it to my husband as a preventative. I have never felt as bad as I did with this flu, and wouldn't want to expose anyone to it!



answers from Norfolk on

I agree with your rant. however...not everyone has the "wherewithall" to be smart like you! I too have a neighbor who's daughter has "swine" flu and proceeded to take her with fever to pumpkin patch and out to eat since the poor child was "sick of being stuck home" ?? then even went so far to bring US a pumpkin~! have you ever purelled a pumpkin? well I HAVE! just keep doing what you are doing and realize that some people have no clue! so the ones that do have a clue need to "enlighten" others !
have a great day!



answers from Norfolk on

I completely agree with you. My daughter was running a fever of 101.5 on Sunday along with a cough sore throat, chills, upset stomach, and a massive headache. I kept her home from school and took her to the DR yesterday. The dr said she has, and I quote" the same thing everyone else has." he said she didnt have the flu because her temp wasnt high enough and she didnt have body aches. so he refused to test her. he told me that they test results arent 100 % accurate anyways. I was livid! he also told me that I could send her back to school after we left the DR office because her fever was gone. So in this case I blame the Dr. he also told me that schools have gotten too strict on the no fever for more than 24 hours rule. I dont agree with that at all! if you have a sick child keep them home. It wasnt a good day yesterday with the dr. but I am happy to say that my daughter is feeling great and has ben fever free for 30 hours so she is going back to school today.

I do believe that the Drs are to blame alot of the time. We have tricare(military insurance) and they only do so much. it is like they dont care. gatta love govmnt run standardized medical!

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