Sick Child - Again and Again

Updated on March 12, 2013
S.S. asks from Mount Pleasant, SC
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Hi! I have a 6 yr. old who has been continually sick again and again for months now. Strep throat, sinus infections, bronchitis, croupe, etc....he has missed so much school (all with doctors notes of course). He has asthma as well. We have been to the ENT and they would like his tonsils out as soon as possible. I am fine with that - but we have not been able to get him well enough (in my opinion) to have the surgery. I guess my question is....has anyone else out there dealt with this kind of thing? I am sad that we can't seem to get him healthy, and I am nervous about all of the school he as missed. We have missed so many of his activities and it seems like life has paused for a long while now. Will getting his tonsils out help end some of this? (he also has allergies - we are on an allergy medicine and a nose spray as well) Any information and/or advice would be very much appreciated!

S. S.

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So What Happened?

Thank ya'll all so so much!! We have the surgery scheduled - but I am going to call in the morning and have it moved up asap! As of right now he is running fever and I think he has another sinus infection - so we will be headed to our pediatrician in the morning as well! It has made me feel like I am not alone and not the only one dealing with all of this! I am glad that it seems he doesn't need to be 100% to have the surgery - because at this point I do not think that will happen! I will take into consideration the chiropractor after we get through the surgery to maybe help with allergy issus. Thank you all again so so much!! You are awesome! I will let everyone know what "else" happened after the surgery :) Thank you again!!

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answers from Milwaukee on

My niece was getting strep back to back for a straight 8 -12 months. It would go away and come back 2 weeks later. They decided to take out her tonsils and she has never had it again. This was 2 years ago. She may get it again but strep once every couple of years is way better than strep 14 times per year. I had my tonsils out when I was a kid due to ear infections. They did tonsils, adnoise and tubes for me. I have never had strep. Ever!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Spring break would be when I would do it. That way he has a whole week to get well in the comfort of his own place.

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answers from Denver on

What do you mean by "we have not been able to get him well enough - in your opinion -" to have the surgery?

My child had hemorrhagic tonsillitis. Her tonsils ruptured. She had too many cases of strep and all the other infections to count, but the doctor had to delay surgery due to severe anemia and some other serious medical complications, not just "not being well enough". But all her specialists agreed, those tonsils needed to go. They put her on enough antibiotics after the hemorrhagic episode to make sure she wouldn't get sepsis, and about 6 days later, she had the surgery.

After the surgery, all those infections ceased.

I would suggest that you ask a trusted doctor "what decision would you make if this was your child?" Some kids aren't going to be robust and perfectly well, but they need those tonsils out if that is what the doctor thinks.

Don't put it off if your doctor, and your specialist, and your second opinion doctor all agree. Yes, of course, getting tonsils removed aren't the answers to everything, and some kids need immune support, or other medical interventions, or removal of allergens, etc. But for some, the tonsils need to come out, and there's no perfect time for it.

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answers from Austin on

My daughter was having frequent sinus infections that would then turn into asthmatic bronchitis....... and once we got it cleared up, it would happen a few months later.

She does have a number of allergies, along with the asthma.

In high school, we finally went to an ENT to see what should be done about all of this..... one of her sinuses was almost totally occuded! (The outlet was blocked by nasal polyps, etc.) The decision was adenoids, tonsils, remove the polyps, and some of the turbinates (structure in the nose).

WOW!!!! What an improvement! For several years, no more sinus infections or bronchitis...... She has had some problems the last few years.. (the surgery was probably 9 years ago...)

As far as trying to get/keep her healthy enough to do surgery, that was tough.... about 2 weeks before the surgery, she ended up with a sinus infection AND bronchitis... (I didn't delay getting her in to the doctor... it started on the weekend, and she had an appointment for Tuesday for the ENT)... he almost cancelled the surgery because of it... but I told him that it would clear up quickly with steroids and antibiotics.... he wanted to see her a week later, and have an x-ray right before the appointment, and sure enough, it was clear.... she was able to have her surgery 2 days later, as scheduled.....

I totally understood him wanting to cancel the surgery, because there could be added respiratory and/or infection risk, and I was glad he gave her the chance... we were trying to have the surgery over Christmas break so she wouldn't miss too much school... (making up HS absences can be really tough..)

Anyway, we sure didn't regret getting that done! I think in her case that it was because her sinus was so blocked that it never cleared properly... but would re-infect a few weeks later....

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answers from Kansas City on

I haven't read all the responses, but have you thrown away his toothbrush and gotten him a new one? Maybe that could be a culprit in his continuous illness. That and with the asthma it just keeps going on and on. One of my boys has asthma and it is so hard when they keep getting sick over and over. Just thought I'd throw that in for you. Hope your son gets better soon.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!

This sounds environmental - like there is something in your home that he has become allergic to and he can't get better because he's always around it.

Do I believe that getting his tonsils out will help? Yes. I don't think it will be the cure. You stated he has allergies - what is he allergic to? Have you had your home tested for anything that he is allergic to?

If the doctor's believe he is well enough for surgery - then get it done. I realize your concerns about it. But really, if the doctor's believe he is healthy enough to have the surgery - do it.

I would start looking into the possibility of seeing if your home has something that is keeping him sick. For example - we found out carpeting was causing more of my allergies, which caused sinus infections, which created ear infections, so we needed hardwood's things like that that people don't think of.

Good luck! Hope he is better soon!!

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answers from Sacramento on

My girlfriend had a daughter who had similar problems- one infection after another. It got to the point where the child couldn't make it through an entire week of school. They switched insurance carriers (job change) and ended up with a new Pediatrician. He felt removing tonsils and adenoids would possibly help. They did the surgery and once she healed, Bri was a totally different child! Her health improved, she started doing sports, she was back at school full time, everything you would hope for.

The doctor told my girlfriend that the tonsils were so infected they had become pockets and had rotting food in them. No wonder they couldn't get a grip on the infections.

Best of luck to you and your little guy.

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answers from New London on

My daughter was sooo sick years ago. I took up the carpeting, changed the laundry detergent to the clearest 1 I could find, got rid of all the toxic cleaners (Fantastic, etc), opened the windows a few minutes a day (except for pollen season), and got her off of dyes, dairy and GMO's (See **My daughter never did get her tonsils out, but, this did clear up her allergies/asthma. **Please know that allergies and asthma have increased bifold since GMO's have been introduced in the mid-90's. I do not enough space here to list all of the countries/regions in the world that have bans on genetically engineered foods.

Germs are everywhere...Wash hands often w/ plain old soap and water. I dry swiffer instead of vacuum. I do not use any toxic sprays like Febreeze or air fresheners. An air purifier would be a great idea!

I got very sick last summer and got 6 or 7 infections in a row. The ENT wanted to give me antibiotics time after time.--- I made the decision to get adjusted by a very experienced chiropractor since I had taken 2 falls. It worked. I haven't gotten an infection since !

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answers from San Francisco on

Take your child to see Dr. Gina or Dr. Michael at Mount Pleasant Chiropractors. When my son was a little boy, he had constant ear infections and swollen tonsils and allergies. My employer at the time suggested I should have him adjusted. With one (1) adjustment, he never had another ear infection or swollen tonsils. We did not have his tonsils removed. The chiropractor also gave me some homeopathic medicine that was good for sore throats and many other things such as cuts and scrapes. It tasted horrible, but it worked. I forget what it was called, but something similar could probably be recommended by your local chiropractor or health food store. Our chiropractor was Dr. Beddell in California, but he's long retired.

My son is now in his forties, he did take allergy shots for a while as a child, but is a very healthy adult.

Good luck...keep us posted.

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answers from Dover on

FYI...having tonsils removed will not necessarily stop strep throap. Strep is a bacteria that can impact those with or without tonsils. It does often help lessen the possibility but it does not prevent it.

My cousin did not believe me when her son was about 10-12 years old and had strep multiple times. They had his tonsils removed, and a few months later he got strep again. Same thing with my nephew many years later.

Tonsils being removed can only guarantee that your child will not get tonsilitis again.

Getting the allergies under control will help his overall wellness, reduce his "sick" symptoms, tremendously reduce the sinus symptoms/infections and cough.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like he has more than one thing going on. And it's been a tough winter for a lot of people re illnesses. My 16-year-old has asthma, allergies and had a history of strep at your son's age. As a toddler he also had ear infections and croup. Removal of the tonsils stopped the repeated strep infections. He's had it only once since and that was at age 13. He was developing allergies and resistance to the antibiotics so we needed those tonsils out. It's not a fun recovery, but it was worth it to us. A pediatric pulmonologist manages my son's asthma (and previously croup) and has had it almost completely under control ever since we started seeing him at age 4. It's been such a relief. A pediatric allergist manages his allergies. He is pretty healthy now, although he is prone to pneumonia. I recommend getting the tonsils out as soon as the ENT says it's o.k. and that you might need more than one specialist. A chiropractor might be able to help with the sinus infections--that helped me, that plus an allergist. Good luck.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I can't give you any advice, but I can be company for you. My two-year-old grandson has somehow caught everything that has come round this winter. Last week he was hospitalized with RSV. He is home now and on oxygen, but went to the ER yesterday with ear infections. Spring can't come soon enough for that family! Maybe everybody will be healthy one day!

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answers from Norfolk on

Have his tonsils/adenoids out as soon as the Dr says so.
A lot of the time once those tonsils are gone and he's healed up there is a remarkable improvement in their health.
Sometimes the tonsils get so infected they become the source of re-infections rather than help clear them up.
The sooner you get this done, the sooner he'll feel better.

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answers from Honolulu on

He is young.
This is the season of colds and flu.
He is in school.
In school there are many types of viruses/colds that are going around.
Kids at this age, are hand-sy. They touch everything, and their face/mouth/eyes, they sneeze and cough onto others not using their elbow, they touch doorknobs/faucets/desks and other kids too. Hence, things contaminate others.
I know, I work at my kids' school and see this happen EVERYDAY.

Viruses, live on surfaces for days. Hence, it can be caught by others.
Until about 8 years old, kids can get sick often. Because of their habits and tendencies to be very handsy.
Per our Pediatrician, after about 8 years old, a child's tendency to get sick all the time, lessens. Because by that age, they are better about washing hands/coughing in their elbows/not being so touchy and are more hygienic.
So keep that in mind.

My son, who is 6, has gotten sick a lot, in Preschool and this year. He has been sick, back to back with various cold viruses, stomach illnesses and bronchitis etc. and has missed about 12 days of school, thus far.
I get a Doctor's note each time. He has not gotten his tonsils out. There is no need for that, with him. It will not stop him from getting sick or not.
And when he was younger, he had Croup and sinus issues/infections.
Once, he got sick back to back. It was not a relapse though. It was a different, virus... that had similar symptoms. Our Pediatrician, is also a specialist in contagious diseases etc.

I have Asthma. And am allergic to dust/pollen etc.
You should get an air purifier for your home or your son's room.
And do not vacuum... with him around or in the room. When vacuuming... it kicks up dust in that room, dust you can't even see.... and it can exacerbate his Asthma. So when vacuuming, keep him out of the room for about 1 hour. Until the dust settles down. And keep an air purifier on. Or have him wear a medical face mask.

Also, unseen by the naked eye, there is pollen/dust everyday that is blowing around outside in the air. And it can adhere to our clothing. So, when he gets home... have him change clothes, into something else.
And per weather/seasons... well, during certain seasons, the air quality is either worse or better.

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answers from Boston on

My oldest daughter was just like this when she was 5, the whole year actually. She had recurrent strep, colds, every stomach bug, you name it. She got her tonsils out a week after turning 6, summer between K and grade 1. She was on antibiotics continuously just to get her to the surgery, because when she went off them, the strep and fever returned. So you may have to do that, and he may not truly be "well enough" at the time of surgery, but trust me, all of this will stop as soon as the tonsils come out. It will leave you wishing you had had it done sooner! The tonsils being in are what is causing the recurring illnesses, coupled with his allergies. I know you are frustrated with the fact that he is sort of on pause, but that will be remedied too and he is young enough that he will go on and not have reminders or major repercussions from this experience. Good luck... it will be ok!

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answers from Hartford on

When you say he's not healthy enough "in your opinion" are you going against doctor recommendations in the timing of a tonsillectomy? Because honestly, if he's sick constantly then there won't really be a perfect time. As long as he's fever-free and influenza-free, and he isn't in the middle of an episode where he's recovering from a terrible asthma attack, then I don't understand why you would put it off. Recovery time from a tonsillectomy for a young child is MUCH faster than when they're older.

I could be your son, honestly. Allergies, constant respiratory infections and strep throat, croup and more, asthma, and every other illness that ran through school and the neighborhood.

I had mine out when I was 19 years old, and they should have been out years and years earlier. The pain wouldn't have been as bad and the healing would have been faster and easier. I have far fewer problems in my throat than I did before. That's not to say that I don't get sick, but it's not nonstop throat infections and bronchial problems in spite of my compromised immune system. Another benefit to doing it now is that he'll be less likely to remember the details of healing and any pain. He'll be better able to ignore any discomfort.

If you're nervous about the surgery itself, it's relatively minor. Talk to the doctor, but it should be an outpatient procedure. After care is not difficult. No extremes in temperatures, and no acidic foods or drinks until he's healed (so no ice cream for a little while). But you know, my dad was 6 when he had his tonsils out and two days later he was eating hot dogs.

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answers from Washington DC on

My son doesn't have asthma, but he spent practically his entire year of kindergarten with ear infections, fevers and/or severe colds (I can't recall a two-week period during which he was healthy). Is your son in a different school this year? Often being exposed to a new location can increase the odds of being sick for a year or so. Next year *should* be better. I don't have experience with having tonsils out, but hope you find the healthiest solution. I know it's exhausting and frustrating. Good luck, hope he feels better soon!

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answers from Detroit on

my 5 year old in kindergarden this year has been sick repeatedly also. I think it is their bodies adjusting to full day school and allthe germs at school.

we have had strep throat, pneumonia, influenza... and several viruses with high fevers.

I am hoping spring is soon and the germs will go away.

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answers from Portland on

I was sick over and over with sore throats in my early adulthood. I had my tonsils out and I was healthy again.

Since he's sick with other issues only peripherally related to his tonsils I wonder if he needs help building up his immune system. I'd probably take him to a naturopathic doctor for help with nutritional improvements. You can also get help from a store, such as Whole Foods, with recommendations for supplements.

The ones that first come to mind that have helped me is taking plenty of Vit C. I take Emergen C. It has several natural nutrients. Also echinacea and Elderberry.

I learned that any time we enter a new environment it's common to be sick often because we're exposed to new germs. That was why I had difficulty with my tonsils. I was in a new job. do not have much immunity at that age. They've lost the immuinity passed on from mom and they're being bombarded with germs.

I suggest that having the tonsils out even while sickly may be helpful. The tonsils are supposed to help us fight germs. If they're diseased then our body has to not only fight the germs causing the bronchitis but also the germs infecting the tonsils. I'd discuss this with his doctor.

Later: here is a site that stated that recurring bouts of strep infections of the throat may ocurr because the strep bacteria remains in the tonsils.

"Are the tonsils ever removed to cure repeated Strep Throat infections?"

"Sometimes even when Strep infections are adequately treated and a possible carrier are treated, repeated frequent Strep Throat infections still occur. This usually indicates the tonsils are chronically infected and their removal may improve things. At this point, I think the tonsils acting like an “infected sponge”, soaking up infection without completely getting rid of it. You must remember that the removal of tonsils (tonsillectomy) is a MAJOR operation, carrying definite risks of complications, and should be undertaken when more conservative treatment " has failed.

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answers from Athens on

My daughter had her adnoids removed around his age as well. She had a horrible time breathing and allergy meds didn't help. When I had her tested she wasn't even allergic to any thing. After the surgery it all went away. She hardly ever gets sick now.

I scheduled her surgery while she was on summer break. Maybe you can do that for your son since he has already missed so much school already. Her recover was really quick, in three days she was back to her normal self.

When you say your son isn't well enough in your oopinion to under go the surgery, what does his dr say? Do they agree? He may be OK.

Good luck and well wishes to your little man.



answers from Indianapolis on

Take the tonsils out, they are nasty, festering, germ holding things we don't need. My son was the same way at this age, he literally had a sinus infx that lasted from fall thru spring. Had him on antibiotic the whole time, did a CT scan in spring and yep sinus' were still packed with infection. Took his tonsils and adenoids out and has had maybe a handfull of infections since. He is now 12 and all this happened at 6yrs old. Make sure and talk to them about the adenoids because they can block up sinus' too. Some docs want to only take out tonsils, but I would recommend taking adenoids too.



answers from Spokane on

the tonsils will help with the illness as will the adenoids getting taken out. with the sinus infections and allergies you should have him do nasal rinses to flush out the snot and allergens in his sinus. i would get a squeeze bottle (we use a neil med squeeze bottle on my 5 year old since she was 3) a long with the saline packets they sell. it works well for us and you can hear a difference in her breathing from being congested to not being congested as bad. i would say even if his allergies are flared up get him in and have that taken care of.

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