Sick Child Care: Desitin

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Anyone's Else's Child(ren( Been Sick Alot Lately with Vomiting And\or Diarrhea?

C.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, about a month ago, my daughter came down with a really bad case of diarrhea that lasted for almost a week. She had no other symptoms, no fever, vomiting, etc. A...


Diaper Rash and Table Food

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

My 10 month old has been eating table food and breast milk now for over a month and has had a persistent diaper rash ever since changing from baby food. Could there ...


Diaper Rash

K.W. asks from Dallas

my 2yr old daughter has been sick for the entire month of october with a virus and ear infections and now she has a horrible diaper rash that desitin isnt...


Triple Paste.....

T.S. asks from Lexington

Good morning ladies.... My son has been sick for a few days now with diarrhea. We called the pediatrician this morning and they don't want to see him because he is s...


Things Mom's Want to Know When Expecting First Child.

S.J. asks from Los Angeles

I'm preparing a newborn class for new parents. I would like to know what are topics of concern for mothers expecting their first baby, or things you wished you knew w...


Horrible Diaper Rash

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

My 13 month old son has had bad diaper rash for almost a week. Usually one application of diaper rash cream clears it up but this time nothing seems to help. It sta...


Dipaer Rash??

S.C. asks from Stockton

My 8 month old son has had mild diaper rash in the past. I use Butt Paste and it's usually gone after 1 application. For the past few days, he has the red rash all o...


Horrible Diaper Rash with Teething

J.M. asks from Indianapolis

Has anyone experienced terrible diaper rash when their baby was teething? My almost nine month old has a blistered bottom even though I change very often, allow her ...


Severe Diaper Rash During Flu

K.R. asks from Boise

My son who is 15 months old has had the flu for about 4 or 5 days now and has awful and I mean really awful diaper rash from all the diarrea he has had. What can I d...


Need Help W/ Super Duper Diaper Rash

C.C. asks from Denver

hi moms, i have a 17 mo old little girl who gets a super duper red and painful diaper rash once in awhile. anyone have a quick cure? we use desitin but it doesn'...