Refusing to Eat

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My Daughter Refuses to Eat Her Rice Cereal.....???

S.O. asks from St. Louis

My almost five month old daughter is starting to refuse her rice cereal. I've mixed it with fruit but she for some reason hates to eat it. She eats her lunch and dinn...


10 Mos Old Suddenly Refuses Veggies

B.K. asks from New York

My 10 mos old son is currently on stage 2 Earth's Best baby foods - he's been eatting stage 2 since he was 7 mos old and used to love his veggies, however, in the pas...


Kid-Friendly Meals or Eat What I Eat?

A.C. asks from Detroit

I would like to know if I am a mean meal-time Mommy. My children have become very picky eaters, and my opinion is that my 18 month old and 3 1/2 yr. old should (w...


My Son Won't Eat Meat

E.M. asks from Lawton

I have a 19 month old son that refuses to eat any meats, except tuna out of the can and pork chops.When he eat thoese its only a few bites. He won't eat ANY beef or ...


Eight Month Old Refuses to Eat

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Hey moms, i searched the back files and i need help with my eight month old. He is breastfed and does NOT have any teeth now. He has been eating baby food since four ...


Our Little Guy Refuses to Eat Cereal!

C.S. asks from Green Bay

Our third is now 7 and 1/2 months old and he's absolutely refusing to eat cereal, veggies, fruit, etc. I started him around 5-1/2 or 6 months and he was doing reason...


My 2Yr Will Not Eat

K.T. asks from Pittsburgh

I was looking for some suggestions for my daughter. She is 2 and refuses milk of any sort; flavored, milk shakes, Ice-Cream. Also she will not eat meat. I can on occa...


7 Months and Refuses to Eat Baby Food

L.J. asks from Chicago

My 7 month old is my third child (the others are 5 and 2) and she was doing a great job with eating baby food, I started her at about 5 months and she was up to three...


21/2 Year Old Won't Eat !!!!

C.S. asks from Dallas

My 2.5 yr old will NOT eat the same foods at home that she will at daycare. She eats fruits of all sorts all the time at daycare and she refuses to eat them at home....


Please Help! My 10 Year Old Refuses to Eat & Weighs 64 Pounds

C.N. asks from Davenport

My 10 year old daughter weighs 64 pounds and is 4'6. She has always been a picky eater and it has shown in her weight. She is very skinny and tall. I know this is ...