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8 Month Old Refuses Bottle

R.A. asks from Washington DC

My 8 month old is rejecting the bottle. He was taking the bottle for months, we got too slack with it and now he completely refuses it. We're trying all the obvious...


Need Advice Re: Feeding a 6 Month Old Who Refuses the Bottle

S.D. asks from Albany

Hi Everyone, I have been lucky to be able to take my daughter to work with me. I nurse her & we started introducing the bottle when she was 8wks old. She absolutel...


7-Month Old Refusing to Nurse, Also Refuses Bottle and Sippy Cup - Need Help!

B.F. asks from Denver

Hi, My son is 7 months old and is exclusively breastfed. Breastfeeding has been going well for the past few months. Two weeks ago, he started biting me at the begi...


Help, My Baby Won't Take a Bottle

K.H. asks from Seattle

I am going back to work in 3 weeks and my son, who is 8 weeks old, will not take a bottle. I have tried Born Free, Playtex and Medela bottles and he just cries when ...


Getting Baby to Take the Bottle

L.A. asks from San Francisco

At 3 weeks my 2 month baby took only the bottle (breastmilk & formula combo and each separately) for two weeks straight. I put her back on the breast after two of th...


My 2 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle Anymore

G.L. asks from Dallas

I had a little girl on the 30th of May and have been breastfeeding her since then. I am a school teacher so have had the summer off and have been breastfeeding on dem...


Baby Won't Take a Bottle!

L.S. asks from Madison

I have a 2 month old son who loves breastfeeding. I'm very grateful that we do not have any difficulties with nursing, but he refuses to take a bottle. We've tried ...


Trying to Get My 8 Mo Old to Feed from a Bottle

M.C. asks from Rochester

I have an 8 mo baby boy. I exclusively breast feed and did introduce a bottle when he was 6 weeks old but gave up because breast feeding was more convenient. Now I ...


7 Week Old Rejecting the Bottle...

A.K. asks from San Francisco

Our almost 7 week old baby has suddenly started refusing the bottle. She was both nursed as well as fed with pumped milk in a bottle since she was 2 weeks old (our do...


Help with Introducing a Bottle Kinda Late in the Game...

R.W. asks from Los Angeles

I need some help with introducing a bottle at 4 months. It turns out that I will have to go back to work and my little one will have to take a bottle at the daycare. ...