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Updated on February 20, 2007
A.B. asks from Katy, TX
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My 30 month old son just started daycare recently. He is a picker eater at home, but he does eat. Probably because I give him what I know he will eat. My concern is that the daycare have most of the food he usually eats, but he will not eat. The teacher said he will sit there quietly while the other children eat, but he will not eat or drink. I feel so bad because when I pick him up the first thing he will say is I wanna to eat or drink. At first I thought it was his nerves, but he can not sit there all day and not eat or drink. I thought about bringing food from home, but I am trying to get him to start eating food other kids eat. I thought about going at lunch time, but that will make it worst. I do not know what to do. Help!!!

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answers from Houston on

why don;t you try to go up to the daycare during lunch time until the situation resolves itself. You can't accept that he doesn't eat, that's healthy. You could try to just be present at lunch and get him to eat the daycare food first, if that doesn't work you'll have to prepare his lunches before school and see if he eats those. if he refuses to eat at the daycare after a week or so you need to talk to a Dr.

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answers from Anchorage on

I agree with Janna, If he was hungry he would eat. I know it seems cruel,but it's true. I teach elementary school and I see this alot. Sometimes it takes kids a little while to warm up to a change. Give him a couple months, if he still refuses to eat at school discuss it with your pediatrician. Also, are the teachers at daycare making a big deal out of him not eating? If so, that might just be making him more tense. I bet if the teachers and you don't mention it to him or make a big deal of it, he'll come around.



answers from Houston on

I am in the same boat! My son is STARVING when I pick him up @ 2:30p.m. He never was a big eater. On the days he goes to school, he won't even eat breakfast. I'm gonna try packing him a lunch. I can't let him starve. Good luck to you.

J. Klapat



answers from Houston on

I'm sure if he was really hungry he would eat. Is he eating a big breakfast? Maybe they serve lunch early and he is not hungry until later in the day. Try giving him a light breakfast (1 pack of oatmeal or some fruit) for a day or two then ask if he ate his lunch.



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I know it's hard to think of your little one starving during the day, but - realistically, if he was hungry or thirsty enough he would eat. =) I doubt it's really harming him. I would try to get him to eat a good breakfast and then you can give him a snack when you pick him up and a good dinner. If he doesn't eat at school, no big deal. You can pack him a lunch if you're super concerned, but if he still doesn't eat that, then I wouldn't worry. If he was really hungry enough he would eat, so if he is eating at home then I would think everything is fine. It's probably just a stage and he will outgrow it. =) Ask the teachers to encourage him to eat but not to punish him for not eating. You don't want to start an eating disorder in a 2 year old. =)

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