Refusing to Eat: Elmo

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Elmo Addict???

J.C. asks from Hartford

Is anyone elses child an Elmo nut?? It has come to the point where i am very concerned about my 13 month old. He refuses to do anything unless he sees Elmo. The worst...


11 Month Old Will Not Eat Much

S.S. asks from Rochester

My daughter will be 11 months on the 21st. She has been breastfed since she was born and used to to very well with eating baby food. When she started eating mostly ba...


Help! My Daughter Will Only Eat 5 Different Foods...

A.C. asks from Orlando

I have a two year old daughter who is the pickest eater I have ever seen. The only food she will eat is cereal, applesauce, grapes, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. ther...


3 Year Old Daughter Refuses to Go Potty on the Potty Chair

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

I'm pulling my hair out daughter is 3 years + 2 months, and we're struggling with the potty training idea. We've tried various potty training efforts, readi...


Potty Problems

B.L. asks from Tulsa

My son will be 3 March 30... and still isn't potty trained. We have been working with him but he absolutely refuses. He says he wants to be a baby like his sister. Hi...


My Son Will Not Drink Milk Unless It Is in a Bottle....

A.C. asks from Springfield

Does anyone have any idea of how to get my 2 1/2 year old son to drink milk from anything but a baby bottle. He has one in the morning and one before bed and refuses...


Potty Training a Resistant 3 1/2 Year Old

J.L. asks from New York

My son is almost 3 and a half and still in diapers. He will only urinate in one specific potty by holding it up to himself. He refuses to urinate in a regular toile...


Confront or Walk Away from Challenge from 3 Year Old Angel ?

P.C. asks from Portland

My son is almost 4, and he is sometimes defiant about going to the bathroom after being asleep for the usual 10 hours. Potty training is not complete. He wears a ...


Holding Pee

J.G. asks from Chicago

My oldest two kids were completely potty trained, night, poop, pee, at 21 months. My current little one is 21 months and she is holding pee. She started waking dry...


8 Month Old and Bottle

E.E. asks from Denver

My daughter just turned 8 months and is eating fruit, veggies,(sometimes meat-makes her gag)and oat cereal. Are doc also said it was okay to give her cheerios too. An...