Eight Months Baby Refuses to Eat

Updated on November 21, 2009
J.S. asks from Alachua, FL
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I am a mum of a eight month girl and l have problems with her because lately she refuses to eat fruit, vegetables doesn't like at all and she doesn't want to eat with a spoon. She doesn't eat much during the day but when she falls asleep she is very hungry and starts crying. She has a tooth and it seems that more are on their way. Please give me some advice and suggestions how to deal with these problems because I am already getting desperate. Thank you!

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answers from Tallahassee on

You can try whole fruit and vegetable and putting them in those mesh teethers with the handle and they can chew and chomp all they want and eat the fruit at the same time.
All 4 of my children refused baby food by 8 months old and they loved those mesh things and that's how they would eat they're food, especially when they were teething.
Hope that helps!

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answers from Miami on

my baby didn't like solids, either so I discovered baby-led solids (also known as baby led weaning but weaning in this case is the european definition of it meaning starting solids, not the American meaning of it meaning quitting breatmilk entirely)

is your baby on formula or breastmilk? if breastmilk, I think the baby-led solids might go better? but try it anyway.
as for not eating- do you mean only not eating solids or not even drinking formula or breastmilk?

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answers from Jacksonville on

I also have an 8 mo old. He refused to eat at one point, but he was teething and all he wanted to do was chew on things other than food. He was also probably going thru a growth spurt. Anywa, I nursed him and even that was seemingly not "getting the spot". The spoon could be aggravating his mouth and he could have gas build up due to not eating his solids. As long as she will drink juice or milk, don't worry too much. Try giving some gas relief, I use a finger toothbrush and rub his gums for him then fed him, that seemed to help him for a moment, then he ate sparingly. It will pass. My son this week got back his appetite and is eating again.

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answers from Tallahassee on

I remember my daughter "fasting" at that age because of teething. she was nursed. She even fasted from breast milk most of the day because of tooth pain. She'd make up by nursing a lot at bed time. She was too exausted and hungry to protest any longer. I was fine with her getting most of her nutrition at night from me. But maybe your baby is weened or on formula? Still, if he wakes up hingry at night will she eat? I'd feed her then, sticking mostly to her milk/formula. What do you give her for fruit? Real fresh fruit, like mashed banana? Or jarred babyfood? Most jarred baby food is not as tastey as real food. If she's on jar food, trying cutting banana or avocado into little tiny bite size pieces for her. Botht these fruits are super soft, practically melt in her mouth.

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answers from Mayaguez on

If she's teething, she must feel quite miserable. Try freezing fruit purees that she can then chew on. We freeze canned nectars and then scrape and eat them, right out of the can.
Just read other message and panicked: Children under 2 years SHOULD NOT EAT HONEY!!!

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answers from Houston on

It is perfectly normal for babies to be teething and lose their appetite. Dont make her eat with a spoon either. She might have tried it and used it before and now she doesnt but thats okay she will pick it back upin a few months. If she is taking her bottles or nursing that is good. Also, you may wnat to make a doc appt. just to rule out ear infection or something else. Sorry your having to deal w/ this. Its tough when they cannot tell you what is wrong.

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answers from Tampa on

How does she do with her breastmilk or formula? You did not mention that. A lot of babies do not eat with a spoon at only 8 months. How is her weight? Is she on formula? My baby was on breast milk for 18 months. Your baby should still be getting most of her nutrition from breast milk or formula. When did she last see the Dr.? I would speak to your Dr. about these issues and have them give you a sample diet that is appropriate for your child so that you can feel confident that she is getting enough and the right things to eat.

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answers from Miami on

Someone just recommended those little mini bagels to give the kids when they're teething. They're pretty tough, so it would take a while to gnaw through... Also- maybe she'd like those little Gerber fruits and veggie finger foods... Good luck!



answers from Miami on

My little girl did the same thing at 8 months. I used to feed her with a spoon and then suddenly she started refusing to eat. My BIL suggested trying finger foods and that was the answer, she wanted to eat by herself. Have you tried finger foods? she may just be expressing her independance.
Good luck.



answers from Miami on

Maybe her gums hurt. Get orajel from the pharmacy and apply to her gums gently. You might also add some honey to her milk about 1 teaspoon. The vitamins in honey are astounding and at least she'll get some minerals with her milk. You can also contact pediatrics.com

Much luck and God's blessings,
D. P.



answers from Boca Raton on

If she's still nursing you are giving her all the nutrients she needs. She may be cranky b/c of her tooth but nursing usually helps that. I'm sure she'll get over it. Just keep introducing the veggies. You could try putting the freshly steamed veg in a blender and put a bit of miso broth in. It is a nice healthy combo

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