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Fundraising Ideas for School Class

J.M. asks from Denver

Hello Creative and Resourceful Mom’s, My question is: Do you know of any ingenious fundraisers for a high school class to do? My daughter is a sophomore at a ve...



L.H. asks from Spartanburg

My 10 grade son was involved in a fist fight with another young man at school, though it was a fight and not to be taken lightly....there were no weapons, no staff in...


Going Away Gift for Young Adult?

L.M. asks from Dover

My son is still very good friends with the girlfriend he dated his senior year of high school. It is now two years later and she is about to relocate from DE to CA i...


How Much Make up Do You Wear?

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

The other question got M. wondering how much make up do you wear? I didn't wear the tiniest except prom and wedding day (to my ex) until I was 26 and we were split...


Should This Friend Get a Pink Slip???

M.R. asks from Boca Raton

I have an issue with a friend of mine that I have known now for about 9 years. She has two daughters that are my kids close friends. When I first met this friend, we ...


Do You Wear Makeup? Need Help from a Beginner

D.F. asks from New York

Growing up my mother always caked on makeup. Honestly, I dont even know what she 'really' looks like. She always spent so much time on her makeup and telling me over ...


Need Recommendation for Good OB/GYN That Specializes in High Risk Pregnancy

H.S. asks from Atlanta

I need a recommendation for a good OB/GYN that specializes in High Risk Pregnancy. I am looking to have another child very soon, but do not want to keep my current d...



T.H. asks from Huntsville

We just recently moved and my children had to change schools. They are 12(boy 7th grade) and I have 2 girls which are 9 (4th grade) and 6 (1st grade). They all are sa...


19 Year Old Niece with Chronic Period

T.W. asks from San Francisco

My niece is 19 years old and for years now has been having chronic periods and incredible pain, she even had to miss her prom because of them. She has been on many bi...


Ex-wife Pictures

J.L. asks from Chicago

Ok so this was along time....However, I was trying to clean up our office area and get it organized when I came across various photos i.e. wedding, gathering, horseba...