My 9 Year Old Daughter Wants to Wear Hold up Stockings for the School Prom

Updated on February 24, 2013
J.G. asks from Bakersfield, CA
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my daughter Becka whose only 9 , wants to wear hold up stockings for her school prom, im not sure whta to do about this , i have suggested tights but she says she wants hold up stockings

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thanks everyone on here is so helpfull

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answers from Honolulu on

Never heard of a Prom, at 9 years old.

Nope, I would not let my daughter wear those.
My daughter is 8.5 years old.

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answers from Spokane on

Why is there a school prom for an elementary school? And I am a total fashion retard and have no idea what hold up stockings are, but I can guess. What I'm guessing they are is not age appropriate at all.
I think you can give her three outfit choices that YOU pick out, or she can stay home. She is 9, not 19, right?

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answers from Spokane on

She's 9. Tell her no.

What "prom" is she going to???

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm missing something here.
I've only ever heard of a Junior/Senior (11th/12th grade) prom.
I've never heard of a prom for 9 year old s before.
It's expensive enough for teens and I had to earn the money for my prom dress.
What is involved for kids?
I'm not sure they have panty hose in kids sizes, but thigh highs or a garter belt for a 9 year old is a bit bizarre to my way of thinking.

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answers from Spokane on

You tell her no. She's 9! Why are you even second guessing yourself?

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answers from St. Louis on

Wow your daughter must be gifted to be going to prom at 9! Most seniors are 17 or 18 but 9!! Wow!

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answers from Biloxi on

I have an aversion to little girls dressing years beyond their age. What happened to patent leather shoes, or at least flats and sandals, and pretty little dresses for 9 years old girls.

I would say no to the thigh highs, with or without garters. Since it is summer, she really doesn't need to wear hose at all. I would ask where she got the idea from and why she wants to wear them. Then I would explain that is clothing for adult women.

No, I don't have a daughter. But, I have a friend who has an 11 year old daughter and she would never think to allow her daughter to wear that type of hosiery.

Maybe we are just old fashioned? But, I think it is the parent's responsibility to help children resist the hype and pressure to look and act older than their age.


God Bless

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Nine year olds have a prom?

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answers from Portland on

She is nine, she needs to wear tights or leggings.

What school on earth has a Prom for nine year olds? Stupid, absurd, and dangerously close to stealing their childhood. What the heck will they have to look forward to?

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answers from Honolulu on

Well, have you asked why? Is it is because they come in more fun colors, I know for a fact that tights with a high nylon content dye with koolaid and can look really fun (need to get the dye bath to about 100 degrees for it to stay and not rub off on legs)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Haha, no. She's 9, tell her no. Or tell her she can wear knee high socks.

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answers from San Diego on

I'm assuming she means thigh high stockings?
If they are the ones that need a separate garter than I would say no. But if they are the ones that stay up with elastic tops...I'm going to be the odd man out from the looks of it.
I don't see thigh highs as a sexual choice but a more comfortable choice. They are insanely easier to go to the bathroom in then pantyhose or tights. You don't get as hot in them as pantyhose or tights. They often fit a lot better. They are my prefered choice, not because they are considered "sexier" but because they are simply far more comfortable.
Have you asked her why she prefers them?

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answers from San Francisco on

My daughter is almost 9. I have no idea what kind of dance they have that is considered "prom" in Bakersfield. We don't have anything like that here.

I would approach it first by asking why she wants them. I would have her show me at the store. To me I am picturing thigh highs that used to be held up by garters before elastic was available. Now if that is the style she is looking for then.. Heck No!

I would choose a few outfits that look like fun and modern and age appropriate then let her choose. If that doesn't suffice then I would say find something in your closet or you are choosing not to go to the dance.

Good luck... but hold your ground cuz the modesty/fashion war will only get harder if you don't set limits now.

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answers from San Francisco on

I completely agree with Katrina A. Thigh highs are no more sexy that hose and all hose are considered lingerie ladies. I think that as long as she's not wearing a garter belt than you ar good. I know how hard and inconvenient it is for me to go to the restroom in a formal dress and deal with nylons I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a 9 year old.

Why are we not impowering our daughters to be comfortable as women instead of being shamed into tights/nylons. Let's face who is going to see them. They are only "adult and sexual" because society made them that way. I think they are super useful and more practicle...just make sure she's wearing underware. LOL

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answers from Topeka on

She is 9 yrs old regardess if she is attended "prom"

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answers from Redding on

By hold up stockings, you mean with a garter belt?
They make stockings that are supposed to hold up on your leg. My friend bought me a pair in a hurry on our way to a formal event. My legs are so scrawny the hose slid right off and I couldn't wear them.
I wanted to choke her because there I was in freezing rain and bare legs.
Anyway, regular panty hose or tights will work fine for a 9 year old. They come in all different colors.
For heaven's sakes, she's 9. What is that, 4th grade? I've raised two kids, a girl and a boy, and they never had "proms" at 9 years old. School dances, even old fashioned sock-hops, but never a "prom". They didn't even have proms in middle school.
I think you should talk to the school secretary and get the facts about this dance and what the dress code is. If your daughter doesn't want to dress accordingly, she doesn't have to go.
Maybe your daughter has watched too much "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV.
Hello! She's not even 10 yet let alone 16.
Talk to the school so YOU have the facts straight and if you say no to what she wants, she'll live.
She really will.

Best wishes.

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answers from Philadelphia on

noooo and they'll fall right off...prom at 9? why stockings at all if she doesnt like the reg ones why not just nit wear stockings?? thigh highs are lingerie

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Okay, my first thought is where in the heck did she even hear about them...that' what I would be addressing. Who is planning on wearing them? I think asking some other moms what is going on here might be the thing to do. Something just isn't right about this situation.

I'd be the mean mom and just say "No, you are not an adult and they are for adults. When you are old enough then you can buy some and wear them all you want. But right now, you are not old enough and that is final".

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answers from Dothan on

hi , im from england like you , i know you mean school disco /dance , my neighbours daughter wore hold ups for her school disco and shes 9 years old , let me know what happened , my daughter is 8 years old .



answers from San Francisco on

Echoing the same comments. What sort of school has a "prom" for 9 year olds? There is something terrribly wrong with that. It is not "cute" or fun or funny to push our children out of their childhood so fast.

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