Do You Wear Makeup? Need Help from a Beginner

Updated on January 09, 2011
D.F. asks from Monmouth Junction, NJ
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Growing up my mother always caked on makeup. Honestly, I dont even know what she 'really' looks like. She always spent so much time on her makeup and telling me over and over how a girl needs makeup that I swore I would never wear makeup just to prove her wrong. Well,,,, I am 26 years old, married and have a child and I have never wore makeup, except once. On prom night, I wore a but of lip gloss. Thats it. I didnt wear it on my wedding day or any time since. My husband appreciates my beauty and says that makeup would only cover up my real beauty. However, I am at a point now where I would like to try some. Not for my husband or anybody else, but for me. But, I dont even know where to start. I have pale skin, bright blue eyes and light blonde hair. Does anyone have any tips on where to begin with makeup. I am not intending to wear makeup everyday, or anything, I just want to try it out and maybe wear some when I got out. Some helpful suggestions would be fantastic.

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answers from Hartford on

I too wore next to no make-up at all until I got back into theater at around age 27. I was impressed with how much a little mascara did for my eyes. Now, when I want to look extra nice, I wear some waterproof Maybeline 3x mascara. I've seen this work on blondes as well - especially ones with pretty blue eyes.

I found a shade of blush that looks nice and some foundation to match my skin, but frankly, I would only pull these out if I was ill and trying to look healthy. Eyeliner, although fun to play with and a good accompaniment to mascara, only looks good when I use it sparingly on the bottom and corners of my eyes - but most the time I end up wiping it off.

That all said - since I am now a mascara fan, I also am never without a bottle of liquid eye makeup remover. I just dip a cue tip in the bottle and gently remove the mascara from my skin and lashes so there is no harsh wiping to the sensitive under-eye skin.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Use a light moisturizer, maybe a little translucent powder to reduce shine, a peachy/pink blush (depending on your skin tone), or a light bronzer. use a large fluffy brush for you powder/ blush to keep it natural, and blend well to hairline and over your jaw. pearly eyeshadows are nice, (with your coloring almost anything is good, for blonde/ blue, bronze, gold, orange tones will make your eyes pop, but I like pale peachy pinks, use a finger to apply it, it works better than any brush, cover your lid to brow, or 3/4 ways up to it. A paler pink or vanilla white on the lid is nice and can highlight a bit under your brow too) MAC make the best (16$) or sally beauty supply (.99cents) are almost as good. covergirl, etc, dont apply well and wear off. Maybelline great lash mascara, pink tube/ green cap is the best, always use black. Filling in your brows is really great on a blonde, dont use a crayon, get a good angle brow brush, MAC's is the best but about 25$, and a light brown/ taupe shadow to fill them. Wetting the brush helps keep the lines even and precise. *I'd stay away from Mary Kay and Avon, they will make you look like an old lady ;)

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answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't use any type of foundation; you sound like you have nice skin so why cover it? I think a little eyeliner (soft brown maybe, and only partly around your eyes so you avoid the raccoon look!) and some mascara can emphasize your eyes without being "too much". And lip gloss is pretty without being glaring, or even light colored lipstick. To show off what you have without feeling like a clown. No offense to anyone who sells Mary Kay, but I find they always want you to put on way too much stuff... you can probably find makeup tutorials online; and you might find it fun to go to a Sephora or upscale department store's makeup counter and have a go at it... I'd find that sort of overwhelming, but my young teen daughter has been wanting to go try one for fun!

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answers from Erie on

I"m with Cheryl. I'm not a makeup girl.
But lipgloss perks me up,
and mascara just one stroke on the upper lashes. sorry i can't recommend a brand i usually just get mine at the drugstore it might be mabeline. I did try Mary Kay mascra and hated it.

I do like eyeliner. this is probably wrong but i pull down my lower lid a bit and starting at the middle (under my pupil) i draw a line right on the lip of the lid over to the edge of my eye. that's it.

personally i think Mary Kay reps and anyone at a beauty counter is going to over do it and be super pushy. I would just go to the drug store spend $20 on gloss, mascara and liner and watch some internet tutorials. I'm sure you tube is full of them.


answers from San Antonio on

1. Perhaps try finding a Mary Kay consultant. You may know one and not know it. If you find a gal that you like that's not overbearing that you buy, she can give you tips.

2. I am also a 'non-makeup-wearer.' I do face wash, moisturizer, then mascara. Mabeline with the pink tube and green lid is a great one. I do not buy waterproof, as I find it a pain to wash off (Mary Kay does make an amazing eye make-up remover though).

3. When I did wear a little more makeup, I'd do a shimmery white/cream eyeshadow. I am also pale, with some freckles, ash brown hair.

4. Foundation can be tricky, imo, as it can rub off when you hug people and just be a pain in the butt.

So if I were you, I'd add some eyeshadow and mascara first and see what you think. From there, add blush and eyeliner perhaps. A little lipgloss or lipstick sounds nice too. I rarely if ever remember to put it on though.


answers from Philadelphia on

Since you are not far from me, send me an email and I can let you try all sorts of looks. I am an Arbonne consultant and can let you try different looks and colors in the privacy of your own home. One thing I found when I started using Arbonne's skin care line, my skin tone evened out and I did not need to wear so much makeup. PM me and we can chat.



answers from Chicago on

I would suggest trying out mineral makeup. It's natural, light feeling, and easy to apply. You can put on as much or as little of it as you like to adjust coverage or conceal blemishes. Go for neutral shades, like chocolate browns, light pinks, beige, etc. for your eyes. For lips, I usually just do lip gloss, or a very sheer lipstick.

I think you would get the most out of a "makeover" from a professional. Look through the ads in a magazine and choose a look that you like to give the person an idea of your comfort zone. As for a brand of makeup, if price is no consideration then I would just walk through a department store and choose the counter with the makeup girls that look like I want to look. Many counters will do you up for free and give you tips and instructions if you buy their products. It will also give you a chance to experiment with different shades, and get opinions on what looks best for your hair/eyes/skin. Do you have ULTA stores near you (beauty supply store, usually has a hair salon and makeup counter as well)? I had my makeup done there for my wedding and I loved it. They carry all different brands so you are not limited to just one kind of makeup.

Also consider at home consultants like Mary Kay or Avon. Many of them are great with makeup and can give you tips as well. Plus, they are usually much more affordable than dept store counters and offer samples to try out at home in the privacy of your own bathroom :)

Good luck, I know it must be overwhelming with so much to choose from. Just keep it simple and you'll do fine.



answers from Johnstown on

Yes, please find a local MK consultant. We are highly trained and can teach you the proper way to do your makeup. If you don't know where to find one, just go to the website and type in your ZIP code and it will give you a list of consultants to choose from.



answers from Kansas City on

I too suggest going to a make up counter. Find one with a style you like, Clinque is really great, Mac is fun and funky and very reasonably priced, and Bare Minerals is also good. If you've never worn make up you need to find someone who can show you how to apply it and what colors look good on you, etc. Of course any where you go, Mary Kay included, will be trying to sell you everything, just don't be overwhelmed. I suggest buying a few things they suggest like eye liner, lip gloss or stick, but gloss is more versatile in my opinion and eye shadow and probably mascara. The thing is about mascara is that I think you can find one you like just about anywhere. Cover Girl and Maybelline make good ones that are way cheaper at Target. I think mascara is a must. It makes such a difference that you wouldn't even guess, so if you end up not going to a make up counter, start there!


answers from Los Angeles on

I would suggest calling salons and seeing if any of them have a professional make-up artist. Most have one for brides. Speak to that person directly and tell her you're a beginner and want a simple look that enhances your natural beauty, and see how much they charge. Also tell her you want "light" make-up. I always suggest thise route over the make up counter just because I don't want to be pushed into buying. Also when you deal with a makeup artist, they can suggest many different brands, cheap - expensive, and expand on different things. Don't be afraid to ask a bizillion're paying them for the session.
Other then that suggestion, my must haves are a good moisturizer, good make up brushes, and a good cleanser. You can also search youtube for makeup application videos. If you don't like the colors they use, just watch the techniques, and play around with the shades you like. I used to watch Pixiwoo on youtube.
I love love love playing around with make-up. So much fun! Good Luck! =)



answers from New York on

My complexion sounds similar to yours. I wear makeup most days, but only spend about 5 mins on it. Everyone has different favorite productions -- for instance, if I could wear only one piece of makeup, it would be mascara (my eyelashes are light, so mascara really makes my eyes look nicer). I think experimenting is the only way to find out what you like, although going to a place like Sephora might be a good way to get to try out different things for free (just beware -- if you ask for a makeover from someone there, they might make you look way more "done up" than you'd like. So give them instructions that you want to still look natural and if you don't like what they do, remember it washes off and you can try again!). One important thing about choosing the right makeup is making sure you use the right colors for your skin tone. Most blonde people tend to look better in cooler colors (unless you're a strawberry blonde), so if you use blush, you'd want to choose a cool pink instead of a coral color, for instance. This is where talking to someone at Sephora or Clinique would be helpful -- they'd be able to help you pick out good colors. But realize that their help is free -- you're not obligated to buy their products, and you can always go find a cheaper version at the drugstore if you wish!

Is there anything about your face you don't like? I have blue circles under my eyes, so the first makeup I ever used was concealer. If you have uneven skin tone, you'll want to try some foundation. If you have very pale skin, you might want to try a bit of blush. If your eyebrows are patchy or very light, a little eyebrow pencil might be nice to fill them in (good eyebrows really seem to make eyes "pop"). These are just a few examples, but remember, you can pick and choose what you like and what you don't care for.

I use a mineral powder foundation all over my face because I find it's far more natural looking than the liquids or the pastes (Bare Minerals is a wonderful, but expensive brand; I now use the Physician's Formula brand that is available at the drugstore). I apply that first, then a bit of concealer under my eyes, then a bit of light eyeshadow, mascara and blush. On a "basic" day, I just do mascara and concealer.

By the way, I use basic drugstore mascara (sometimes Maybelline or sometimes the cheap $2 stuff, I don't even know the brand!) and find that it works just as well as the expensive stuff I've tried. I use Covergirl concealer and like that as well anything else I've tried.


answers from Raleigh on

I suggest either going to a beauty counter or, even better, find a Mary Kay consultant. There are so many "basic" looks you could get with just a little make up that would make you feel amazing! I am also pale, but with red hair and green eyes. I wear make-up daily and almost always have the au natural look. If you want some tips, feel free to PM me!



answers from Jamestown on

One the first page, click on "Beauty tips". That will take you to a virtual makeover.

Good luck.



answers from New York on

I wear makeup every day, but I'm a big fan of easy peasy. I could never live w/o Revlon Colorstay eyeliner on my eyes and eyebrows, but my eyebrows are very light. For you I'd recommend starting with dark brown or black mascara, whichever color you like better. Brown eyeliner would be more natural and black more dramatic. I think that and some tinted spf facial lotion that looks close to you skin tone but also slightly bronzed or warmer is good. I use a bronzer in a liquid form:
I put a pea size of htat and a spf tinted lotion as slight foundation, literally rub it in to my hands and onto my face. So quick and great easier than powder/foundation steps- all in one. So in short, I'd say do mascara and this bronzer tint mixture idea and you're set for now. work on enhancing your eyes and warming and evening your skin tone first. Then work your way up if you like. Hope this helps!


answers from New York on

I really like the almay collection that shows you what colors might work best. It was a no brainer and I loved the results. You can often find the liquid foundation paired with the best blush tone and they have a whole eye kit that is made for your eye color, this often includes the shadow, liner and even a mascara. Take time to try out the stuff and see what you like. I have been very happy with the results. I used to over do my make-up, stopped altogether after my first was born then found this collection. I think it is a nice middle ground. Good luck and have fun.



answers from Laredo on

I swear by mascara, I wear makeup almost everyday but if I dont have time I will at least wear mascara. I would second going to a make up counter or store. I get the majority of my makeup from Sephora and the ladies there are really helpful they will show you what to do and what works for you. On some of the eye shadows I have bought from there on the back there is a small step by step of how to apply the two tone look.
The number one thing my mom taught me when I started wearing make up is if you are going to wear concealer, blend it in with your neck. I see women all the time with a "line" around the edge of their face and to me it is a unappealing look.
Once you start you will get the hang of it.



answers from New York on

It's hard to answer since we can't see your face, so we can't tell what your bone structure is, skin type, etc. I would suggest going to the make-up section of a department store or Sephora - they will give you a free makeup consultation and test some make-up out on you to see what you like. In my experience, they do not pressure you at all to buy product, and will give you some very helpful suggestions.



answers from Eugene on

Try Olay Color recapture. It is a moisturizer with a tint of color. It feels and looks good without using a foundation. There are several kinds moisturizer with color tint. Walmart ads use to say if you don't like the color of your makeup bring it back.



answers from Albany on

I was just like you with fair hair and skin and blue eyes. I never wore makeup until my wedding. My hair started to go gray early and I felt washed out. I needed something. I went to the Clinique counter at the mall and got the basic foundation, blush, and nude lipstick with gloss. That is how I got started. I still use the basic stuff everyday. Since I am fair skinned my skin gets kind of red and a little bit of makeup evens that out. It deosn't even look like I have much on at all but it makes me feel good. Since I use so little I splurge on the Clinique. It lasts forever and they help me find the right colors. I have no instincts for that stuff. I say go for it! Good luck!



answers from New York on

My suggestion then would be a sunblock, which everyone should wear daily, and particularly you, as you have pale skin. Clinique carries a product called cityblock with a 40 SPF. Because it is a physical sunblock (as opposed to chemical) it gives a lovely finish to the skin and is not heavy. As you don't sound as if you need a lot of make-up, I'd stick with just mascara and a longlast lipgloss such as L'oreal Infallible. You can apply it once and than w/one touch up, it will last ALL day. Even through meals! You have a child and don't want to fuss with checking yourself in the mirror all the time so it's perfect. As for mascara, I do suggest curling your lashes so you don't get racoon eyes if your lashes are so long they touch your cheek when you blink. Rimmel is good. It stays put and is easy to wash off with soap and water. Good luck. I'd hold off on the make-up (not the sunblock) until you hit mid 30's then you'll really appreciate how it can perk up a tired face!


answers from Salt Lake City on

Start small. W/all the natural powders etc., it might be easier than you think. Origins, Clinique and Mary Kay products are all good but if you don't want to spend the money, you could probably find Cover Girl and Maybelline products or Burt's Bees at your local dept. store. Lip Gloss or a light colored lip stick and mascara would be what I would start with. Then, you could add on some shadow, eyeliner, blush down the road if you feel comfortable. Going to the make-up counter and letting them know exactly what you are looking to do should help as well-I would suggest Nordstroms or Maceys counters.



answers from Spokane on

Start slow. Buy mascara and maybe a brown eyeliner and co-ordinating shadow set - the brown will compliment your blue eyes. Add a little lip gloss and you're good! I'd stay away from foundation because you're still young and haven't ever worn it - it would probably look and feel like too much.

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