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My 11 Month Old Is Suffering from Regualr Constipation.

D.A. asks from Chicago

My 11 month old is a very good eater. She loves solid foods. She has been having a hard time passing bowels nearly every day lately. I weaned her off of formula th...


2 Year Old Son Struggling to Not Poop

S.J. asks from San Francisco

Hi everyone, I have sent a request a few months back about my son being constipated and not going #2 for 2 days at a time and then it being extremely hard for him, H...


Constipated 2 Year Old

C.B. asks from Odessa

My 2 year old son has been having trouble going poop. When he finally goes, it doesn't seem like it should have hurt that bad. It's not hard or anything. But he throw...


Please HELP with My Concerns. TIA

C.B. asks from Springfield

My daughter will be 2 at the end of March. Ok here goes my first ? When do children need to see the dentist for the first time. She still has not gotten her canine t...


*EDIT* I'm at the End of My Rope! 4 y.o. Not Pooping! Please Help!

A.F. asks from Killeen

Okay, Mama's...You guys have really helped me out before, so let's try this one.... My problem is my 4 y.o. son won't poop! Not that he -can't- poop, he -won't-! H...


Help Potty Training a Constantly Constipated 2 Year Old

B.H. asks from San Francisco

We have been potty training our daughter who turned 2 in june for a couple weeks now. She has the peeing part down pat. She wakes up dry and even wakes us up in the...


Constipation 1 Yr Old

S.V. asks from San Diego

Any advise for firm poops? My daughter sometimes cries when she goes poop, she just started drinking more milk than formula and is sort of a picky eater, she likes ch...



T.R. asks from Philadelphia

My one year is has been mildly constipated for a few days now, she is pooping, just not well, and its tough for her to get anything out. Calling my doc is not an opt...



J.M. asks from Portland

I know this gets asked a lot here but couldnt find a similar question in the few minutes I searched. My 2 year old daughter hasnt had a bowel movement for going on 4 ...


MOMS, I Feel So Bad, So Horrible

K.K. asks from San Diego

My son loves bananas, hates all fruits. A friend once told me that too many bananas can be bad for him. I took her advice , once, and started feeding him less bananas...