Nursing Pillow: Myself

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Breast Feeding Pillow

Hi there, Does anyone have a recommendation for a good breast feeding pillow? Thanks so much!!!!!!!


Good Nursing Pillow

Hi Ladies---Wondering if anyone can recommend a favorite nursing pillow out...


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What's a Boppy?

Evidently something has gotten past me. What is a boppy?


Sleeping in Boppy??

I have my 11 week old daughter in daycare. I observed her sleeping in a...

My Breast Friend

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What to Do for a Friend with Breast Cancer?

Unfortunately a family friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a mastectomy. Does anyone know someone who has gone through this? If so, what can a friend do to help out? She is married and has three daughters. Any information on how to alleviate some of the stress/suffering is greatly appreciated.