Do You Recommend the Ez-2-nurse Twins Nursing Pillow for Just One Baby?

Updated on February 22, 2011
J.B. asks from Philadelphia, PA
7 answers

A lactation consultant recommended th EZ-2-Nurse Twins nursing pillow for nursing my daughter even though she is not a twin. I have a boppy but it sags a bit. Has anyone used this pillow? What are your thoughts on it especially if you just nursed one baby? How does it compare to the boppy or the my breast friend nursing pillow? Thanks for the info!

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answers from Chicago on

I used it with my twins and we nursed for a LONG time. I would use it even if I only nursed one, but of course it is made for tandem nursing. It is much sturdier than a boppy and doesn't sag at all. It is a hefty price (I think $54), so check with a local twins club for their resale. You might be able to snag one cheap (I only paid $20 for mine). Just know that is is much, much bigger than a boppy, so it takes up a ton more space and isn't easily portable, so taking it places is less convenient than a boppy.

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answers from Erie on

Although I got mine for our twins, I usually nursed them one at a time (so I have experience nursing one or two babies). It is much sturdier than the boppy (more like a soft shelf than a pillow) so I could be hands-free. I have never used "my breast friend" so I can't compare them. Looking at photos of it, though, it seems sturdy like EZ-2-Nurse and narrower - that is a plus if you want to use a chair with arms when you're nursing. Hope this helps...



answers from Pittsburgh on

I did not like the EZ2Nurse twin even for my twins. Just too big. I used the My Breast Friend for twins and wish I had it for my first 2. Lots of support. It's a personal preference I guess though.



answers from Philadelphia on

I haven't tried the EZ-2-Nurse, but I will say that the 'My Breast Friend' pillow worked out SO much better for me than the Boppy. The fact that I could strap it around myself and it had a pocket for me to put all my creams and breast pads, etc... (and chap stick) made it work so much better for me.

Good luck!



answers from Cumberland on

If a lactation consultant recommended it-it must be fabulous! They are devoted to helping breast feeding mothers and their babies!



answers from Allentown on

I used a boppy and a my breast friend. My breast friend was way better then boppy, but in the end I used a regular pillow from my bed, which I found to be most comfortable for me. I have not tried the EZ-2-nurse so can't comment on that one. Is there a place you can try it out? I would see about trying it before buying it. Good luck!

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