What's a Boppy?

Updated on February 02, 2010
D.S. asks from Houston, TX
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Evidently something has gotten past me. What is a boppy?

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So What Happened?

Great!!! Thank you ladies for your answers. I had my babies over 30 years ago (smile). They did not have boppys then, I don't think. Thanks again. My daughter just had a baby. He is 4 months old and is trying to sit up. Maybe this will help him.

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answers from Austin on

Boppy pillow. It's a pillow that you use when breast feeding or feeding with bottle that helps hold the baby. You can also use it for the baby when she/he is learning to sit up. Great invention. I've used one with both of my kids. If you are needing one they have a basic design at stores like babysrus, target, walmart, etc. There are even better designs if you go to a specialty store. Love them.

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answers from Nashville on

I used my boppy for almost 2 years before I put it away, and not just for nursing. I would rock him before bed every night and still used it then too, it kept my arm from falling asleep and my back from hurting. My boppy is definitely on my "couldn't live without" list. I didn't buy one for about 2 months, then couldn't believe I did without it. I just used pillows for nursing, and my back was killing me.



answers from Houston on

Obviously you've received some great responses. I just want to add I loved my Boppy and I think they are a great investment, much more comfy than regular pillows and once baby is learning to sit and crawl they are great for them too.



answers from Austin on

It is a "C" shaped pillow used for supporting the baby during breast feeding or propping up the baby when on a safe surface. I also lean on it on the couch when I'm breast feeding. It helps support my lower back when feeding. They sell them at Target and Babies R Us. Somewhat pricey and you can get a variety of styles of pillow covers for them sold separately. Hope this helps.



answers from Indianapolis on

It's like a donut-shaped pillow that you can find in any baby section (Target, WalMart, Babies R Us).

You can either use it as a nursing Mom to help support your arms while nursing, or you can use it as a resting place for your baby (though I personally didn't like putting my newborns on it).

Here's a link for your reference:



answers from St. Cloud on

I personally wouldn't waste your money on a new one..... I breastfed both our kids and they are not that great. A regular pillow does the same thing if you need a little support.... I have yet to KNOW someone who actually used their boppy for breastfeeding. Most just laid their baby on it...... A VERY expensive cushion....



answers from Houston on

A boppy pillow is used to nurse your infant.

You could also use to hold your child while sitting. You can rest your arms while holding you infant.



answers from Indianapolis on

Its a horseshoe shaped pillow that can fit around your waist while nursing. Its a great support system for resting baby while nursing. Also comes in handy for helping them sit up later on. I loved mine!


answers from Detroit on

Boppy are the greatest invention on the planet...if you're breastfeeding, they offer additional support. Though I didn't breatfeed, I used mine during feeding time as well (because I had a c section) and it took some pressure off the incision site and gave my back a much needed break.

I would suggest buying a "naked" boppy (they run $30 to $40) then buy the cute little slip covers at will. I bought about 4 different slip covers at about $10 each and this way there was an abundance of clean ones available for me and the slip covers also keep the naked boppy cleaner. Boppy's are also very washable and can be tossed in the dryer with no disforming or shrinking.



answers from New London on

Yes, as Dana said, it's a circular pillow that has a n opening. It wac be wrapped around you for nursing support. I love that Danielle used it for comfort at the incision site. It is very easy and comfortable to use.
I did put the baby propped up in it but like Dana, not as a newborn. I used it more for helping them learn to sit or during play time once a few months old while I was right there.

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