Vote - My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow - Worth the Money?

Updated on October 19, 2010
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
9 answers

I would like to hear your vote whether the "My brest (yes, it's spelled brest) friend nursing pillow" is worth the money.

Side note - I tried the boppy with my first, hated it. It wasn't "fluffy" or high enough to hold baby up where I needed him. I guess my boobs are smaller than average!


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answers from St. Louis on

I loved it. Wouldn't use any other. It is nice and firm and higher than the boppy. Much better for back support.

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answers from Orlando on

Yes, it is absolutely worth it!!! I also had a Boppy and hated it, I'm also smaller than average, ha ha... A friend of mine actually mailed hers to me because I was having such a problem getting good positioning with the baby which was affecting the latch. It was a life saver! The difference was like night and day for me and baby. So, yes, get the My Brest Friend! You'll love it!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I loved it and it was well worth the money when I got it (8 years ago). I find the Bobby pillow to be just as great though. If you lived near me, I'd give you mine!

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answers from Minneapolis on

YES IT'S WORTH THE MONEY!! I've used it with both my kids, it works great. LOVED IT


answers from Provo on

I loved the boppy better. there's all sorts of straps and weird things with the breast friend. Boppy is simple and easy. My son now uses it as a pillow to look at books on. And it helped him sit up when he couldn't. I vote Boppy. So worth it.


answers from Los Angeles on

i use the boppy and love it



answers from St. Louis on

I choose the My Brest Friend pillow over the Boppy. It's much more secure and I can even pick my baby up on the pillow and walk around. Yes! It's that sturdy. Do that with a Bobby! I have both versions, the delux and the inflatable. I actually prefer the inflatable since it uses a latch instead of a velcro strap. My baby would have a heart attack at the loud noise the velcro strap would make. Plus the inflatable version is much cheaper and I feel that it's bascially the same thing.



answers from Chicago on

With my first I was really glad to have a nursing pillow. At the beginning I had a really hard time feeding without it. It wasn't that brand, but it was pretty expensive too. With my second child the nursing was much easier and I didn't use it anymore.

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