Sleeping in Boppy??

Updated on August 10, 2012
N.W. asks from Hatboro, PA
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I have my 11 week old daughter in daycare. I observed her sleeping in a Boppy, she was propped up with her head in the U part of the Boppy. They said she slept really well there. But I know from reading the tag on my Boppy at home that you shouldn't let them sleep in there. I don't want to be "That Mom", should I say something to the infant room instructor, asking her not to let my daughter sleep in there. There is supervision there constantly, so maybe I am just being a nervous new mom. This is my first baby and I feel like I have a million questions a day....thanks for any help!

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter fell asleep on the boppy almost every day but i never allowed her to sleep there unless she was on the floor in the living room and i was right there the whole time. I wouldnt be comforable with anyone else allowing her to do so esspecially in a daycare infant room where there are so many babies to be watched at all times.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't think they're supposed to let her do that. If licensing saw that, they'd ask her to stop (well, at least in Texas they would).

If it were me, I'd ask them to not do that.

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answers from Dallas on

It's "that mom". I am not one to stress and worry over every baby rule. We broke many of those rules with our kids. ANd I am certain at some point, our kids took a little nap on their boppy. BUT we were right there, awake,completely focused on them. They were not in their crib and I didn't have other babies to be worried about. The manufacturer recommends against it. If there insurance knew, they'd have issues with the practice. Here in Texas, licensing would also take issue with it. And I think, it's rather common knowledge that nothing is supposed to go in bed with baby for the first year. I am certain the room has constant supervision, but that supervision is spread out among several babies. Say something mama, you'll feel better!

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answers from Boca Raton on

i used to work in an infant room and we never put the babies in a boppy to sleep. they were always in a crib. we did have one or 2 that slept in a bouncy seat (per parents request) due to reflux. i would ask them to stop allowing her to sleep there.

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answers from Lakeland on

I would politely ask them to not have her sleep in there, it is not meant for sleeping. Your infant should be napping/sleeping in a crib or bassinet.

Sheila a boppy is a pillow to help support an infant while breastfeeding etc. It is almost an oval with a small opening on one side and very unsafe for an infant to sleep on alone.

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answers from Cleveland on

Those tags are put EVERYTHING to protect the companies from the "idiots" who would leave their newborn face down in the center of a boppy then sue the company if their baby suffocated.....sorry if that sounds horribly harsh, but thats honestly the reason for %95 of warning lables these days...would YOU ever spray hairspray in your eyes, or curl your lashes with a curling iron?
Substitute a protein shake for your baby's formula if you ran out? LOL You get my drift, it's a safety AND a common sense issue!
If your baby is propped up in the center of the Boppy and you feel confident she is always being watched Im sure its fine! I might ask that they make sure her shoulders are up above the curved part. But if it really scares you, by all means ask them not to do it.
My youngest was a HORRIBLE sleeper, and some nights he slept in his boppy, wrapped like a burrito next to our bed. Maybe its a trick YOU can use at home, but again if it makes you uneasy at daycare you have every right to put a stop to it! I have 3 babies and I was apprehensive with all 3, still am. They are irreplaceable!

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answers from Minneapolis on

In MN, centers and home childcare, children under 12 mos MUST sleep in a crib or approved portable crib or pack and play as our state allows. But there must be NOTHING but a super tight fitting sheet, and the baby. A pacifier if they take one is allowed. No pillow, blanket, bumpers, mobiles, toys, things hanging on the crib sides, or in there. Just a baby.

This is due to SIDS regulations. In a parents home, sure, things might be different. But this is a regulated and licensed facility. They have rules to follow. In MN they are very very clear.

We can not allow an infant to sleep in a car seat, sling seat, swing, or any other sort of baby seat or pillow set up. Only in an approved crib.

I am a licensed home child care provider of 15 years in MN, I will assume rules are fairly standard across the country? These are based off the AAP SIDS reduction "Back to Sleep" campaign to reduce deaths.

Let me see if I can find them for your state, but I would ask and discuss this with them. Better to be safe, than sorry in group care.

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answers from New York on

I think that you should tell them to stop. An 11 week old baby (and all babies up to 1 year) are to sleep on their back in a crib on a hard mattress. You are the boss - tell them that letting your LO sleep on a Boppy is unacceptable.

As for the supervision, you daughter could roll a bit and suffocate in a matter of a couple of minutes (let's say while one person is changing a diaper and the other is feeding a baby). NO way, they should know better!

And don't worry about being "that mom." I agree to pick your battles but this is not one of them.

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answers from Chicago on

OH boy, both of my kids took ALL of their naps on the boppy in the early days.
It's where they'd sleep best. AND, most of the time, it was while I had them/it on the couch.

I agree with the posteer below that said those warning labels are there to prevent litigation. My FIL is in the baby "stuff" industry (walkers, high chairs, etc...)..and his coined phrase is "dead babies don't lose lawsuits". It's horrible, but it's true.
So don't worry about that label. If she's being monitored and sleeps well there, things are fine.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'll admit we did it ... Often and many times on his tummy, as that's the only way he would sleep. That said, it was my choice and not someone else's. I think you should request they stop and if they don't, find a new day care.

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answers from Detroit on

I will admit that when my daughter was a baby she often took naps in her Bobby, face up, on the sofa, but I was always right there and keeping an eye on her, and she was fine. A day care setting though would make me nervous though. And like others have said, there may be regulations against that sort of thing that they are not following. I would find out what the law actually is, then talk to them about it - even if they are not violating any rules, I would ask that they not allow it any longer.

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answers from Bloomington on

My oldest slept in the Bobby like that until he could roll over. I agree that since they are supervising him, he should be fine. But, YOU are the Mom and if it makes you uncomfortable, you should tell them!

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answers from Raleigh on

It's possible that the baby could slip down in the U part and obstruct the baby's breathing. That is the danger there.
Having said that- I will admit that I let my baby sleep in her boppy in her bassinet since it was the only place that she would nap. I did this for naps only and I was there right beside her the entire time. This ended when she started moving around good (around 4 mos or so).
It's different when you yourself are the one letting her sleep in the boppy with strict supervision. It's another when it's someone else. I think I would ask them to stop.

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answers from Seattle on

Sorry, it's okay to be that mom when it comes to safety. Babies can slide down and suffocate in a boppy!

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answers from Utica on

Just because there is always supervision in that room does not mean that if there was an emergency with another baby or child at the time that your precious baby was sleeping in their boppy and they slipped under the pillow that someone would notice. Yes its very unlikely that anything bad will happen if they let your baby sleep in the boppy but it doesnt mean that it couldnt. The last thing on my mind when it comes to my childrens safety is what anyone else thinks about it. Im their Mother and I am looking out for their well being and safety more than anyone else so if you feel that something should be said and you feel uncomfortable with them allowing her to sleep that way then for sure, 100% say that you want it to stop
Good Luck



answers from Allentown on

I am curious why a daycare is using a boppy at all? It is used to support while breastfeeding and not one of the better ones IMO, but does work well for some people. It isn't for bottle feeding. And since they are not breastfeeding your baby they shouldn't be using it. Again JMO. And why on earth would they put a baby to sleep on one? Overall there is probably very little risk, but I wouldn't accept any risk with my kids. Your baby could be the one in a million that slides down a bit and suffocates before anyone notices. Guaranteed they are not checking to see if she is breathing okay every 2 to 3 mins. They are busy with other kids. Now again it isn't likely to happen, but it can happen and in a daycare you can't be watching every child all the time. I remember reading recently about a child suffocating in a daycare with a heavy blanket. The child was only unattended a few minutes, but in that time suffocated. The blanket was being used in a different way then stated by the manufacturer and in a way many, many people would think is okay. But this time it wasn't. And with someone right there, watching for any sign of distress, well that isn't always possible even at home with just one child. You get my drift here. Be that Mom! Don't let anyone do anything that you are not comfortable with. I had a recent experience where people thought I was being "that Mom" with my daughter and they ignored my directions and my daughter ended up in emergency. This was family who cares for my daughter and would never do anything to hurt her, but it happened anyway. Things happen even if you are proactive in keeping your kids safe. So IMO she should not be sleeping in a boppy. Tell them you do not want her sleeping in the boppy only on her back in the crib. Things may be different if you are there watching but in a daycare, it is impossible, I know I worked in a very small one and even then it was impossible to watch every child. Sleeping babies or quiet children get ignored very easily. It is easy to not check on a sleeping baby for an hour if they are quiet, and you are super busy with others. I understand why they are doing it, otherwise she may be waking and they have to spend time holding her. But that is what they are there for, what you are paying them for. Not to leave her sleep in an unsafe place. Like others said they did it without incidence and chances are she might be okay, but I wouldn't risk it unless I was right there watching every second. I did go against recommendations and let my daughter sleep on her tummy but only during daytime naps and only with me sitting right next to her watching her. I knew I wouldn't take my eyes off her and knew I was there and ready should something happen and she slept better and longer that way. But again I wouldn't have allowed anyone else to do it, I wouldn't trust that they wouldn't walk away for too long and miss a distress signal. JMO but I hope it helps.


answers from Philadelphia on

First - it's ALWAYS okay to be "that mom". Trust your instinct.

Second - I let my second (and still do now that she's a year and 1/2) sleep in the Boppy for her naps (though not at night). She loves it. She takes much better naps. I didn't do it with my first because of the warning labels, but I've eased up a lot with my second and just use common sense. If we EVER would have had an issue with her sliding down or the boppy covering her face, we would not have continued. She doesn't seem to wiggle much during her naps and enjoys the snugness of it, so it worked.

I would share your concerns with the instructors and open up the conversation with them. But, definitely, if it makes you worry, it's not worth it. You need peace of mind when away from your baby!



answers from Philadelphia on

My son (who will be 3 at the end of this month) loves sleeping in his Boppy. We've never had a problem. But- I will say that he didn't start sleeping in his Boppy until he was at least a year old... So, maybe I would feel differently about an 11 week old....

At the same time, my son hated to sleep on his stomach... we would prop him up on his side sandwiched between his 'Sleep Seahorse' (Soothe & Glow Sea Horse) and a little knee pillow. So, we didn't follow all the rules 100%.

Go with your gut. If it makes you worry, I would express your concerns. If your daughter likes to be propped up, maybe there are safer alternatives. (a wedge pillow, etc.)
Good luck!

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