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Fall/winter Wardrobe for a 12 Month Old Boy?

Hi ladies, So I'm trying to buy most of my son's clothes used and a huge fall/winter consignment sale is being held near me later this month. I'm trying to figure out exactly what he'll need for this fall and winter. I don't really want to overbuy, but I don't want to get into the season, forget something, and have to buy it full price. He's tall and seems to grow out of his clothes about a month (or more) ahead of schedule. He'll be a year old at Thanksgiving so I'm thinking the 12 month clothes will be too small by around Halloween...

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Little Kids Shoes - Worth the Money?

Hi My son is almost 4yrs old. I have purchased most of his shoes from Target or Wal-Mart in the past. Recently a mom was talking about how bad it is for your kids developing feet to buy 'cheap' shoes. My son's feet are growing so I have looked at 'Stride-Rite', Crocs, Timberland etc and I'm finding it hard to justify $45 or more for a pair of shoes for a 4yr old. Do you buy 'better quality shoes' (?) for your kids and if so what brands do you recommend please?

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How to Cut Corners on Monthly Expenses

I would love to stay home but need to cut corners, except for using coupons on food what are some other ways you have cut corners on bills and other monthly expenses. We rent and have credit card debt and I have two infants (3 week old twins). Any ideas.