Baby Budget - NEED NUMBERS!

Updated on November 18, 2011
C.J. asks from Frisco, TX
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We have a 1 week old baby! (Yay, I know - - - I'm overjoyed)
But we're also going through a bit of a financial crisis at the same time so we are going through a financial counselor.
He wants us to itemize out EVERYTHING & I mean EVERYTHING, for a month to get an average.
I know that a newborn differs from a 6 month old & a 6month old differs from a 12 month old so let's compare.

What do you spend & on WHAT exactly?
How much on diapers?
If not formula - how much on baby food?
Lotions/baby baths/etc.
What else - because I'm only one week in & I'm still in babybrain-land!!!

I want to make sure I list all, so I top the budget out instead of "short" myself. (Hope that makes sense)

Thanks mamas,

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answers from Detroit on

diapers are aboutr $10 a week.

Formuala is $35 a week.

Clothes is $100 two times per year.

Baby wash tylenol pedilyte and other stuff.. maybe 50 per year.

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answers from San Antonio on

Diapers: $20/week. Stock up when sales happen, and watch for coupons and store coupons. I often would stock up when Target offered $2 coupons and there were coupons in the paper either a week earlier or later. Places like that will let you use store and regular coupons at the same time.
Formula: $30/week, but my daughter was on the "Cadillac" of formulas. It will vary by brand.
Wipes: $10/month (again stock up, buy on sale and with coupons, and in bulk if you can)
Clothes: Very little, especially while young. Buy at resale shops at as the seasons change.
Daycare: $135/week
Lotions/baby bath: $10-$15 every two months (same thing about sales and coupons)
Medicines: about $20/month, less if baby is healthy, more if not.
Baby Food (once started): $25-30/week (watch for sales)

As you use more baby food that cost will go up, but the formula cost will go down.

I was on a tight budget with both of my kiddos when they were infants - now things are a little easier. It can be done.

Enjoy your little one!


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answers from Dallas on

One thing that will help when you start formula is coupons. You can decide which brand you like, and then go online or write to them and ask for coupons. Have friends and family do the same, and you can collect tons!!! I used coupons for Nestle Carnation Good Start formula (3 1/2 years ago), but it was $11 off of each container. I got enough from other people writing in too, that I think I each can for 1/2 price for a good 4-5 months!!!! Make your own baby food too. No need to buy fancy stuff. An ice cube tray is all you need for storage. Each "ice cube" of food is equal to 1 ounce!!!

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answers from Dayton on

Wow! I'm thriftier than I thought!
I find that my babies go through fewer diapers as they get older.
A $30 box of Pampers (about 200) last us over a month. $10 for wipes a month.
Baby food...I breastfeed. Can't get any cheaper than that.
Make my own baby food. Again, super cheap. $3 worth of organic sweet potatoes would feed my baby for at least 2 weeks.
And no fancy baby food maker needed!
Clothes...I think Lisa O.'s estimate is fair on that.
I shop at Carter's-I feel I get the best bang for my buck there. And the Target clearance rack.
Lotions/soap...I buy organic stuff...about $25 every 6 or so months.
$35 every 6 months or so on gripe water/teething tablets. Ehh...maybe $50 thinking of the vitamins and probiotics too.
You'll have to budget for bigger carseats-mine outgrew them (infant seat) long before I expected them to.
Sippy cups and baby spoons...
Remember just because they make it doesn't mean you need it.
And stay away from Babies R' Us. They are so overpriced-especially on the little stuff.
Go and look for ideas and then shop around.
HTH! Congrats on the new baby!!! :)

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answers from New York on

We used Amazon Moms Subscribe & save for diapers, wipes & desitin.
we spent $26 a month for night time diapers, and $20 a month for daytime diapers.
the wipes were about $10 a month, desitin $17 for a 3+ month supply.

part time child care runs us $600 a month.

If you were to buy Carters on sale, you can get onsies for roughly $10 each, t shirts for $7 each, and pants for $10 each, plus a multi pack of undergarments. I would budget for at least 15 of each clothing item for every size 0-3, 3-6 etc. there will be some days where you will go through 3 outfits per diaper change. don't forget incidentals like receiving blankets, socks, bibs, sweaters, coats, shoes, washclothes.

formula cost us $25 a week. food runs about $5-$10 a day if you are using jars. costs plummet once you hit one and you move to milk (a gallon a week) and more table food. don't forget incidentals like bottles, nipples, sippys, infant spoons, tupperware, etc. b-shields (if you are leaky).

in addition to medicines, consider the co-pays for your doctors visits. should you find yourself needing them a humidifer, nebulizer, baby monitor.

baby gear should factor in too -
a bath tub, a booster/ high chair, a mobile, some rattles, blocks, stroller, bassinette, crib, crib bedding, playpen, baby gates, child proofing equipment.

Dpending on where you live, you may find your heating bill go up because you are keeping the house warmer for baby.

This might seem like a strange thing to factor into the budget, but you might find that you need to budget some for items which "the baby got to" - i've had to replace three cell phones, and two remote controls, the filter to our fish tank. (don't ask).

Congrats on your new baby, congrats of taking command of your budget. Not all of the items on my list are "must haves." If you decide on less clothes, do you have the facilities/ time/ energy for more frequent laundry? If you decide to make your own baby food, are you ready to buy, cook, puree, freeze, and defrost it?

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answers from New York on

Congratulations!!! Mine are teens so I can't help much.

I read an article in our paper today about diapers. It stated the weekly cost averaged $25.

As far as clothing, that has too many variables, where do you shop, how much clothing to you already have, will anyone give you and hand me downs, will you shop consignment shops, etc.

Also, you really can't plan for medicines. You child may be sick more frequently, how much are your co-pays, etc.

I do agree with your financial advisor that a great place to start is by writing everything down.

Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

Diapers - $20 bucks a week
Formula - $15 - $30 bucks a week depending on brand
Wipes - $10 bucks a week
Daycare - $200 bucks a week
Medicines - $50
Baby Food - $5-10 a day



answers from Honolulu on

Ok, I am looking at my records.

I breast feed my kids so, 10 dollars more in food a week.

We cloth diaper so 30 dollars a month more in water and laundry expenses...

When baby began to eat we would use the blender and just feed the baby that.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My baby is 7 months old
Diapers: $20 every 10 to 15 days
Wipes: $13 every month or so
Bath care ( shampoo, body wash and lotion) $18 every 4 months
Baby snacks $20 a month

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