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For Those Spend $400 Month on Food

What are you eating? Seriously. Some of you are saying that amount INCLUDES soap / shampoo etc. I spend $600 per month on FOOD. Just food. No lotions, paper goods etc. JUST FOOD. :-( here is what we eat. Breakfast: I eat a banana/almond milk/ peanut butter smoothie (I am allergic to milk and eggs) Hubby and daughter each eat an egg (either fried or hard boiled) with a glass of milk and sometimes a yogurt. Lunch: We usually take leftovers from dinner (I will make extra portions) Daughter eats lunch at school (not...


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What Is a Reasonable Monthly Food Budget?

I am completely obsessed with lowering my grocery bill and wonder how others are doing it. We had a surprise expenditure in March that shocked me into reality about how much I am blowing on convenience food (takeout from Panera and other places) and not having a plan before going to the grocery store. I was totally shocked when I added up our food expenditures for March. I included grocery store purchases, takeout meals, a few meals out, and my husband's lunches out during his workday and the figure was nearly $2,000 for my husband and...


Kids & Money

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Teaching the Value of Money

I'm not sure if this is typical of the age group, or if we need to do something different. My daughter is 10, and LOVES American Girl Dolls. She has been the luckiest girl and since she was 6 her great-grandma has bought her an American Girl Doll for Christmas and sometimes for her birthday. She has nine American Girl dolls, which I think is unheard-of. That being said, she treats them all wonderfully and we are proud of her for that. We've tried to teach her the value of earning money, she gets allowance and we stopped buying her...


Money Saving Tips

Hello Moms, I know many of us have been trying to save money/spend less in...

Recurring Expenses

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Living on Credit Cards

Financially we are quite a mess, and at odds as to what to do! So please, any advice would be helpful. Our credit score is excellent, we manage to pay things on time, because we keep borrowing from our credit cards. We are over 115,000 in debt, and that does NOT include the large mortgage. We are an average family, we don't make a lot of $, we bought a home too expensive, and had debt going into it, but now it's way worse. We are not upside down, just have more going out then whats coming in. We'd like to keep good credit, because...

Saving Money

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Money Saving Tips

Hello Moms, I know many of us have been trying to save money/spend less in the economy the last few years. I am just getting through a health scare. So far the results sound like they will be good for me. But, since this is early in the year, I have not met my deductible with the health insurance so there will definitely be medical bills for us that were unexpected. We also had a home repair and a car repair in January, another home repair this month & some dental work for my daughter that we were initially told would be covered by...