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The Bob Stroller

I want to purchase the Bob Duallie for my 23month old and my 8 week old. Does it make that big of a difference to get the swivel wheel? There is such a big difference in price. We are an active family and I would be using this as my every day stroller also. The one I am interested in is the sport utility duallie.


Career or Baby

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several...


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4 Month Old Hates Belly-Time

Hi Ladies - I've been told how important belly-time is for brain development, but my 4 month old baby absolutely hates it. She usually cries and smothers her face into the blanket. How will she ever learn to crawl if she won't spend time on her tummy? Thanks in advance.


529 College Plan????

Has anyone ever heard of the 529 plan. I was looking on the internet for...