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17 Going on 18

S.E. asks from Washington DC

HI All, My son came home from over the weekend and advised me that he cant wait until Sept when he turns 18 so he can go to H2o in Dc with all his friends. He will...


What to Do with Teenagers over the Summer?

S.W. asks from Columbus

Hi all, I have three stepkids (18, 15, and 9 yo) and a fourth-month old son. (All three stepkids live with us full-time.) I just recently became a SAHM when my son w...


How to Deal with 18 and 19 Year Old Kids?

J.R. asks from San Francisco

My 18 year old step son didn't come back home after his high school graduation, it's been two and a half months and he called needing help my husband and I picked him...


13 Year Old Girl Wants to Spend All Her Time with Boyfriend

K.E. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is almost 14 and has had a boyfriend for 4 months, (trust me I can't believe it has lasted that long). I actually like the kid and I like his parents but...


Single Mom Trying to Hold 18Yr Old Accountable, Father Does Not

D.C. asks from Boston

My son is 18, just graduated high school after an extra year of study (was expelled for drugs, had to take alternative classes). He is enrolled in trade school for th...


Daughter Wants to Move Out

D.C. asks from Mobile

My 18 year old wants to move in with her boyfriend she is stifriell in high school and has no job her boyfriend makes min wage and has 4 roommates is there any legal ...



S.W. asks from Springfield

Okay so I have 3 daughters and 2 sons. My 16 and 18 year olds have boyfriends, and I was just curious, how much do you incorperate them in the family? Like having the...


My Fiance Doesn't Love My Children as Much as His Own

C.S. asks from Philadelphia

I'm looking for some perspective on my situation. My fiancé has two children (21 and 18 years old) and I have two children (5 and 4 years old). The 21 year old i...


My 16 Year Old Daughter Wont Let Me Meet Her Boyfriend.

A.E. asks from Seattle

My 16 years old daughter will not let me or her daddy meet her 18 year old boyfriend. She let me talk to him over the phone shortly. I did some investigating and re...


Daughter Is 16 Going on 30.

M.N. asks from Boise

My daughter just turned 16 in January. Last her father and I agreed that she could stay with him in Colorado for one year. Her father and I have been divorced since 1...