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Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was...

Sippy Cups

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Any Experience with Avent Sippy Cups

My 11 month old twin sons are in the process of weaning from the bottle. They have had a sippy cup (Nuby) since 6 months. Once they mastered the Nuby sippy cup I moved on to the Playtex cups whihc they don't like. I think the flow is just too slow and removing the piece inside the cup makes the flow much to fast. I tried cups with straws which they don't like either. I recently went back to the Nuby which they drink a little from but it leaks so much. We used Avent bottles and were pleased with those and thought we would try the Avent...


No Sippy Cups?

So I've seen many questions with posters that state they do not/will not use...


Which Sippy Cup?

Hi, my son has been using the sippy cups with the rubbery straws. It's very...


The Sippy Cup

hello all, My son just turnned 19 months and has been using the nubby...