Liquids: Nestle & Carnation

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HELP! I Have to Supplement My Milk with Some Formula- My Worst Nightmare!!!

Hey Mamas, I have been strictly nursing my lil'man and he is now 9 1/2 months. He takes plenty of jar food and cereal in addition. My milk supply has dramatically decreased and I spoke with the doctor about it and i need to start supplementing with Formula. I have been against formula from the beginning and still am, but for his nutrition and development it seems as if I have to give in and use it for a couple months until he turns one and can have whole milk. My doctor couldn't recommend any specific brand of Formula- just listed of...


Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was...


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My One Year Old Baby Girl Is in 10Th Percentile for Her Weight. Any Advice?

My baby's first birthday was yesterday. She has not been gaining weight since 6 months of age. She weighs 17lbs 14ozs. I have exclusively breastfeed her even though my supply is dwindling. She hates formula, pediasure, juice. Upon recommendation from pediatrician we have done one session of feeding therapy so far. I tried giving her whole milk today, she made a face after taking a sip, so I added Nestle Carnation (pediatrician's advice), she still would not drink it. I think she has an aversion to foods with strong smell. Pediatrician says...