Liquids: The First Years

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Is First Years or Evenflo Breast Pumps Any Good?

When my son and daughter were born premature, the WIC offices where I lived provided a motorized Medella pump supplied from a medical supply store. Obviously this was very good. I know that Medellas are sold in Target but I also seen other brands. Is there an "off" brand ie, Evenflo, First Years, etc. that is comparable but without the price??


Juice Pros and Cons

My doctor says no juice (for my almost 12-month old) due to sugar and the...


Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was...


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Juice Pros and Cons

My doctor says no juice (for my almost 12-month old) due to sugar and the fact that real fruits are best. My husband has not talked to our doctor but wants to know why 100% juice would be bad. I defer to my doctor, but would like to better explain to my husband why our son does not need juice. I'd rather not introduce it. Any benefits to juice that I am missing? Can you help me convince my husband that juice is not needed? Thanks!

Sippy Cups

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No Sippy Cups?

So I've seen many questions with posters that state they do not/will not use sippy cups for their toddlers, and today's question got me wondering why. Personally, we never used the traditional "sippy" cup that has a lid and a valve (too much to wash and potentially lose), but introduced the kind with just a lid around 8 months. My son was EBF, and didn't get bottles much so it was either water in a cup or breastmilk. Around 2.5 he was trustworthy enough to lose the cups with lids and go to regular cups with only an occasional accident. ...


Which Sippy Cup?

Hi, my son has been using the sippy cups with the rubbery straws. It's very...


The Sippy Cup

hello all, My son just turnned 19 months and has been using the nubby...


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Fear of Water

My son who is 8 years old has a fear of water in his face. Even just a splash or a spritz. We are bathing him to ensure his hair gets washed, but he just wants to sit in the tub and put his wet hands on his head thinking its washing his hair. When I wash his hair I have used cups to rinse, I have put a sticker on the ceiling to tell him where to look while we rinse and I always have a washcloth on hand to wipe his face rencently. We did just recently "graduate" to using the hand sprayer of the shower but he fights me for a little bit...


Too Much Water???

Is there such a thing as too much water for a toddler. My son is two and...