Foster to Adoption

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What Is the Adoption Process like for Those Who Are Familiar with It?

J.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Everyone, My husband and I have been considering adopting a child for the past year. We currently have 2 children(birth children), and would love to help a ...


How Do I Get My Ducks in a row...Adoption

A.S. asks from College Station

Hi Moms! My husband and I would like to adopt a little girl, age 3-6. We have so much love to give and are blessed in so many ways. We know this is the right decisi...


Adoption vs Conception

K.M. asks from San Francisco

My DH and I have decided to have another baby. Neither of us can decide if we should conceive or adopt. What are everyones opinions?


Private Adoption Question

K.C. asks from Salt Lake City

We have been approached by a woman who wants us to adopt her baby. We don't want to go through an agency. How do we go about adopting privately? Do we need a lawyer? ...



K.N. asks from Dallas

After my only son was born my husband had a vasectony. Husbabisjt son from a previous marriage was 11 and our fanilt was complete. Three years ago his son moved out a...



K.M. asks from Little Rock

I would like to find anyone who has adopted or is in the process of adopting. I would also like to get the word out that we want to adopt. Please visit www.mcbrooma...



M.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter is happy six years old girl and I started getting worry on How and When is the right time to tell her that she is adopted child?? thank you



J.H. asks from Los Angeles

hi~ I know there are many wonderful moms here that have a wealth of information. well... we just got a phone call that we were chosen by a birthmother to adopt her...


Thinking of Becoming a Foster Parent but I Have Some Questions

S.T. asks from Los Angeles

I am 36 years old and a mother to two wonderful teenagers from a previous marriage. My husband and I are not able to have any children. I have been exploring the op...


International Adoption vs Domestic Adoption

H.J. asks from Spokane

Alot of people have their own opinion on adoption and whether its right or wrong to adopt from another country. My husband is in the military and it always saddens hi...