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Updated on February 23, 2008
A.P. asks from Middlefield, OH
4 answers

Does anyone know of a way to adopt a child without the $20,00 fee( we can afford anouther child, just not the up front costs), and without Fostering? We lost our 75 day old daughter to SIDS, unfortunatly I had my tubes tied before she passed, she was our 4th, but now we desperately want anouther child. I just cant foster, I can not have anouther child ripped from my arms. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, God Bless

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answers from South Bend on

I am an adult adoptee and the mother of two adopted children. My son we adopted through the state in a foster to adopt situation and my daughter was adopted from China. I understand not wanting a possible disruption of adoption but frankly with any adoption, other than international, it is possible.
You can find a lot of resources on line. I found most domestic adoptions to be very centered around $$ which repulsed me on a lot of levels, which is one reason we went to international adoption. Unfortunately, many adoptions will run over $15,000. The good news is that there is a $10,000 federal tax credit that you may be able to use to off set costs. That still means that you have to come up with costs up front and then wait for the credit, you would need to talk with a tax consultant because we found with our first adoption we couldn't take the full amount and we also had to extend it over multiple years (it's way too complex for me, that's why I have an accountant!!). There are also several Christian grants available for adoption expenses. The Dave Thomas foundation has a lot of great resources: There are literally thousands of older children waiting for families.
If you have other questions for me let me know : )
I hope you are blessed no matter what your end choice!!



answers from Dayton on

My sister adopted their son from Jerry Fallwells Adoption Agency down in Virginia.....they adopted him when he was just 4 weeks old and he is age 8 now!



answers from Lafayette on

Check with Christian adoption agencies. We got one of our girls through a local OBGYN and our other daughter through a chrisian agency(Baptist Children's Home) in Valparaso IN. I know there is also one in Indianapolis named Bethany. We told all of our friends, doctors, pastors, family and church friends that we wanted to adopt and that is how we ended up getting our first daughter. Most christian places base their fees on a sliding scale for your income. Many workplaces also offer adoption assistance money (my husband's did) There is also an adoption tax credit that helped us greatly with our federal taxes.
Please realize that the process may take a bit of time and you may not feel comfortable with the first few children that are offered to you due to strange circumstances with the birth mother/father. I can go into that privately with you if need be. Be patient. If God wants you to have another child He will make a way. I am proof of His mighty hand! I will be praying for you.



answers from Cleveland on

you could get your tubal reversed, I'm in the process right now, i have 4 kids got my tubal 5 years ago and am dying for another baby, my family just isn't complete. there is a doctor in youngstown witha great sucess rate that performs the surgery for 6500.00 so it isn't cheap there are financing options for 3,000.00 of it though through capital one. butit is still much cheaper than adoption and would give you the chance to have another of your own, other than that i know nothing about private adoption but i do know if you go through the foster care system most of the fees are paid by the state. good luck.

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