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Updated on February 24, 2012
J.N. asks from Carthage, MO
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If you had a sitter who babysits in her home call you to let you know that their child was home sick with the flu and was highly contagious, would you still take them to that sitter if you had no one else to watch them?

A little more info: I am the sitter and my daughter was diagnosed Wednesday with the flu. I told all my parents that evening and everyone but 1 Mom found another person to watch there child. At that, this baby was diagnosed with upper resp. a week and a half ago. So, even after being told how contagious my daughter is, the Mom left her anyways. Also, I do not charge for days the child does not attend since I would not be working anyways. (I feel it isn't fair for someone to pay for services not rendered; that goes for when I take vacation too).

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your responses. Thankfully my daughter did not have a fever for the entire day that the baby was here so it made things much easier. In the future I am definitely going to not give the parent the option. I care too much for the children in my care and I do not want them getting sick if they don't have to. I understand the whole worrying about losing their job thing, but she does have a weekend sitter and plenty of friends who have babysat for her when I have been unavailable. Again, thank you for your responses.

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I would stay as far away as possible, BUT, I can imagine some women being in the situation where missing any more work could cost them their JOB! If the baby just had upper resp, she probably had to miss some work already, right?

In this economy, employers don't have to "put up with" an employee that misses a ton of work, and really, they don't care what the reason is. Its just too easy for them to replace people. There are a ton of people out of work that would be happy to take their place.

Instead of jumping to the conclusion that she doesn't care about her daughters health, I would ask her if that is the case. I would feel really bad for someone in that situation, I can't imagine being in the position of having to make that decision, my child's health or possibly, my job! I realize how lucky we are that we have grandparents nearby, AND family friendly (well, to a point) employers.

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I can't judge this mother's situation. Jobs are hard to find and hard to keep in this economy. I can understand not having any other options. I really can.

For me, heck no, but I've been the sitter with a sick kid and the mom had no choice but to bring her kids to me and they both got sick. She said "better sick than starving" and keeping her job that provided health insurance was the priority. I don't blame her one bit.

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answers from Chicago on

No. You don't want to mess with the flu.

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answers from Louisville on

I would definitely have someone else watch them! Why mess with the flu when you don't have to?

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answers from Columbia on

My opinion is that you, as the childcare provider, should not give them the option to bring their children into your home while your little one is sick.

On sick days, it should be in your contract, they need a secondary childcare provider. You should be able to give your sick baby your full attention and you cannot do that when you're worrying about making sure the other children don't get sick.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes and no. It depends on my child's immune system. My kids rarely get sick It's been almost 3 years since they've had even a slight runny nose. They are around sick kids all of the time. The only way someone can contract an illness is if their immune system is already challenged. When my kids get sick, I know it's my fault. I didn't get them to bed early enough, there was too much sugar in their diet, etc.

That being said, I would take them in and just give them lot of vitamin C with bioflavinoids and a dose of Oscillococcinum each day for the week. No sugar at all...and plenty of rest. But that's me and I take responsibility rather than blaming other people.

If you didn't want the parents to leave their children/child, then be straight up and tell them to come back next week.

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answers from Dallas on

I would probably bring my kiddo if I couldn't find any other help. I have to work and I have no family, so unless you were willing to forfeit your pay for the week and reimburse me any costs over what I would have paid you to set up alternate arrangements - my guys would be there.
note: my kids have flu shots and I would expect an appropriate level of care go into the situation - for example the child with the flu not walking around the areas of the house designated for the children, proper cleaning, appropriate precautions of keeping the children seperated like you would do with any sickness, etc.

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No way! My kids come first and if it means I had to call in, cancel a appointment, whatever that's what would happen. My kids before me, that's my motto!

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