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Severe Diaper Rash During Flu

K.R. asks from Boise

My son who is 15 months old has had the flu for about 4 or 5 days now and has awful and I mean really awful diaper rash from all the diarrea he has had. What can I d...


Swine Flu, Cold/Flu or Something Else?

V.S. asks from Lima

Ok, so my daughter was cutting teeth a week ago and got this runny nose. No fever and just a small amount of diarrhea and a nasty diaper rash. I know this normally ha...


Toddler Struggling to Get over Loose Stool from Stomach Flu

A.D. asks from Raleigh

Hi, Moms. I have a wonderful 21-month old son who got the stomach flu when it went through our household 3 weeks ago. He got over the vomiting quickly but 3 weeks l...


What to Do with a 3 Yr. Old with a Possible Yeast Infecton?

J.B. asks from Cleveland

My daughter has had what seems to be diaper rash down there, but she doesn't wear diapers, so I'm suspicious. She's complained of itching for about 4-5 days...we've t...


Help, Rotavirus with 4mo.old

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

Ok so I'm a little peeved my 4mo.old has rotavirus from just having the rotavirus vaccine this week at her 4mo.old checkup. I've dealt with this when my older dd ...


Chapped Skin Under Son's Nose

L.T. asks from Philadelphia

My 2 year old son is sick with a really runny nose and sore throat/ cough. The doctor said it is just a mild case of the flu. Anyway, my son hates when even one lit...


1 Year Old in Pain (Bowel Movements & Rash)

S.G. asks from Harrisburg

Hi Moms, My 1 year old has been adjusting to regular whole milk now and no formula .. All o a sudden, he has been having diarreha constantly and ha...


Bad Diaper Rash While Taking Antibiotics !!

S.M. asks from Washington DC

where to begin..we have all been sick since 2 month of and on and my 13 month old got a double ear infection with double pink eye and is taking antibiotics for it.On ...


Baby Will Not Take Pacifier

A.S. asks from Bloomington

Hi, I am wondering if there are other mothers who have gone through the same situation as me - I am breastfeeding my 7 week old son, and he likes to get his comfor...


Seeking Help with a Scalded Butt from Too Much Diarrhea

L.B. asks from Houston

Help! My 6 month old granddaughter just got out of the hospital after a terrible bout of stomach flu. She lost 1.3 lbs in 24 hrs. Now that she is better, she has the...