Flu and Pregnant

Updated on May 17, 2011
E.W. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Ughhhh. I am 29.5 weeks and have the flu. I feel like I am dying a slow death. I went to the OB yesterday and the baby sounds fine. All I can do it rest, take tylenol and a cool bath. Which I am doing around the clock. My husband stayed home today to help me with our 3.5 yr old. So that has been a huge help. But my body is soooooo sore, mostly my lower back. I am seriously in every definition of the word- Miserable! Do any of you wonderful mom's have some home remedies or tips for me? I don't know how I am gonna make it the next few days until I feel better. Also, did any of you have the flu while prego? It kinda freaks me out that something is going to be wrong with my baby. Thanks.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had the flu with one pregnancy and it was so bad I was sleeping on the bathroom floor and missed our whole christmas...I literally thought I was going to die and had a hard time even caring because I felt THAT bad. AND mine was during a totally critical development period because I was like 9 weeks along. My little one was perfectly fine :) Our bodies protect those babies in a crazy way... you are probably feeling even worse BECAUSE your body is protecting your little one. A close friend of mine had sciatic issues really bad when she was prego and her dr ended up giving her vicodin...said it is safe in the second half of pregnancy. If the pain is really really bad you could go that route... I always think that it is hard for the body to heal itself when it is in pain. If you want to go au-natural then just drink lots and lots of fluid along with chicken soup and anything else you can keep down. This will be over in just a few days, be strong! :)

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answers from Chicago on

I had the flu with 2 of my pregnancies (thanks to my father in law the first time and hubby the 2nd -- they like to share) ...babies are fine :) If you are stuffy as well, try the Neilmed SinuRinse bottles or a Netipot; tickles in the throat try honey or Ludens Pectin only cough/throat drops. Other than that, get tons of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and keep your fever down with cool baths and tylenol. I even had the flu at the tail end of the 1st trimester with baby #2 (when fever is risky) and he is a perfect little smart man (he is 2.5 now). Best wishes!

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answers from Dallas on

I did have flu, and it ended up turning into pneumonia, so be careful, drink plenty of fluids, get antibiotics if you need them (if you end up with infections), and sleep, sleep, SLEEP!

I hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Chicago on

I feel your pain! I'm 33 weeks and had the flu last week. It was awful! Hang in there.

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