When Do You Know If Its More than the Stomach Flu?

Updated on January 23, 2011
V.D. asks from Smithfield, UT
4 answers

How long does the stomach flu typically last?
When should you worry that it's more than stomach flu?

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So What Happened?

After 5 1/2 miserable days I'm starting to feel better. I swear I lost over 5 lbs.. Thanks for the advice.

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answers from Modesto on

it can take 10 to 15 days out of your life sometimes. Eat bland, drink lots of fluids. If your poop is brown you are usually okay, if it turned yellow I'd go see the doc.

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answers from San Antonio on

One to 3 or 4 days usually in a non-immunocompromised person.

Eat! Not eating makes the recovery from flu longer:

BRATY is the diet
bananas, rice, applesauce, toast (dry) and yogurt are allowed

It's more than stomach flu when temp gets high and won't come back down.
If peeing is tough or the urine is very dark, then you are de-hydrated and need medical attention. Another dehydration sign: pinch the skin of your forearm. If it takes more that a couple seconds to return back to flat on your arm, you need to call the doc.

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answers from Denver on

The bug we just had took more than a week to recover fully from. Also, the adults all lost at least 10 pounds in the process. It was brutal!! 3-4 days of not feeling like eating. I think we did mostly Gatorade in that time, and then another 3-4 days of the BRAT diet. I haven't heard of adding yogurt to that. Most everything I've read recommends against dairy, but probiotics would definitely be good, so maybe yogurt isn't bad. Hope you all feel better soon!

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answers from Phoenix on

The really bad, heaving up phase can last 3-5 days.

You also need to watch the color of urine. If it goes from dark yellow to orange, you are seriously dehydrated. Start drinking broth, teas, watered down apple juice or ginger ale.

Then follow Grandma T ....

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