Still the Flu?

Updated on January 05, 2011
H.W. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
5 answers

Well, the flu made the rounds in my household- it first hit the week before (2& 5), hubby, in-laws, my mom...everyone but me :) Christmas day, I got a flu- a different one, I think. My in-laws got it, and so did my husband, and my 2 yr old. Now a week after that, my 2 yr old was sick again! She is very resiliant, barfs a couple times, a few bouts of diarrhea and you'd never know she was ever sick...this time she seems to be bouncing back a little slower, and this is the 3rd 'flu' she's dealt with in a month! I do plan on calling her ped. tomorrow, but I wanted to see if any of you ladies had any similar experiences/advice?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If by flu you are talking stomach flu maybe she keeps eating something that has turned?

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answers from Phoenix on

Since October my son has been on 2 rounds of antibiotics.
One flu/turned bronchitis, one ear infection, and another 1 day flu with temp/turned into a cold and fluid in ears.
It has been nuts! My son hasn't been sick the entire year and then all broke lose. STill not 100% healed.
So, you are not alone. There is so much going around!!

Hope she feels better soon!!



answers from Boston on

Could be that's what is going around in your area. We have had 2 different stomach viruses go through my house this school year and I'm sure there are more to come we've had years when we don't get stomach viruses at all. If everyone has gotten them too it's obviously something contagious and not something wrong with her. My oldest had a nasty one last spring that lasted a week our ped said it can take even longer sometimes to get put of your system and huts to watch out for dehydration. Just push fluids.



answers from San Francisco on

I had the same situation with my granddaughter last year. I don't think she put together 10 well days between bouts of the flu for three months! It was horrible. And like yours, mine whethered it very well, but couldn't go to school because of fever and we were in that swine flu drama so I missed a lot of work! I was extremely worried this year when flu season started. I got the flu, but so far she's fit as a fiddle!



answers from Minneapolis on

It is not unusual for one illness to get us when we are still recovering from a previous illness, as our immune system may be weaker. But, when we have a brief (1 or 2 day) bout of vomiting/diarrhea, this is usually not "flu" or a virus, but a reaction to food.

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