The Flu

Updated on April 05, 2007
R.C. asks from Plantersville, TX
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I have a 7 month old who is just starting to crawl and I woke up with the flu.. and i was wondering what the best meds are that WILL NOT put me to sleep .. normally i would down a bottle of night quil and be fresh as a daisy by morning but i cant do that anymore cause i have to run all over with Emily.. PLEASE HELP!!

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So What Happened?

ok i am all better.. I bought that Tylenol Cold/flu and i love that stuff.. it really works..

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answers from Houston on

I'm into homeopatic remedies, and the one that I've found that works the best for the flu, which I've used twice, is an OTC medication called Occillium. Now the spelling may not be exactly right, but any pharmacy should know what it is. Hope it Helps...


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answers from College Station on

Hi R.. I was curious if you had tried Dayquil yet. It worked for me when I had the flu with my lil ones. I also wanted to say congrats on being a great mommy,if he wants to be a jackass then let him be a jackass, when your daughter grows up and is a smart, beautiful girl with a bright future he will want something to do with her and then she wont want anything to do with him. I went through this same situation when my oldest was born, shes now 11 so I have SURVIVED! I am in the Navasota Area, have alot of inlaws in the Stoneham/Plantersville area. Hope everything works out. Good Luck



answers from Houston on

If you can get someone to help you watch your baby that would be wonderful. If you can get to the dr he can give you something to take. We get over it quick that way. You probally should call a dr since your child could catch it too. Some people get sick when they take a flu shot. I know this sounds funny but taking the hepatitis b shot has kept me and my kids from being sick any this winter. We took the series of 3. My daughter usually gets sick and the flu shot just keeps her sick but after she did the hep b series she hasnt been sick.



answers from Houston on

I would ask your doctor to write a prescription for Tamiflu. It works wonders!!! Good luck.



answers from Jonesboro on

Hi R.. Bless your heart. well, if you have a cough Tussin DM with expectorant works wonderful, no drowsy, for achey hurting body try 4 ibuprofen, 200mg a piece that is prescription strength, every 6 hours. Take contac. when the baby takes a nap you take a nap and drink plenty of fluids. This works really good for me. I can take all this and still work. No drowsy. Daytime tylnol cold works good as well. If you should have high blood pressure take coricedin D instead of contac as that will raise the blood pressure. God luck hope you feel better. Oh and I took a flu shot and have not been sick yet. Those thing are pretty good.



answers from Fort Smith on

I am a 27 yr old mom of a 7 mo old girl. I work all the time so my husband is at home with her. He recently had the flu. He took thera flu. If it don't help in 2-3 days go to the doctor. It helped him but our daughter got sick anyway. She had to be put on antibiotics. Good luck and I'm sorry about the father. I don't know the situation but I do know that I give you high praise. I don't know how I could do it by myself. If you ever need to talk just e-mail me at



answers from Houston on

You need to get to the doc asap...There is only a short period that Tamiflu can be prescribed. I had the flu last year, didn't get to doc fast enough. I was knocked off my feet for 2 weeks felt run down for over a month.....



answers from Las Cruces on

i went throught the same thing.i am a mother of 2.there is not much out there as in meds too take.meds act different too everyone.but what i found too help me was dayquil cold/flu i found that too you might want too try that.
i hope that works for you and i hope you feel better



answers from Houston on

I hope you feel better. It mite sound bad but if there is no one to help you I would try. What if you put her in her crib or play pin with toys and her bottle. Then you can take the night quil and if you have to set your alarm clock to go off every 15,30 min. Also take a smaller amont but more offend, so it don't knoc you out as much. That away you can get some sleep. Good luck If you have any more ? feel free to ask.




answers from Houston on

My son was diagnosed with the flu last week and was prescribed Tamiflu. He is doing a lot better now and back to school today so I think that medicine helps lessen the symptoms and get it over with a lot quicker. Can you go to a doctor? Do you live in The Woodlands area?


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