Newborn and Flu

Updated on February 23, 2011
K.R. asks from Fort Collins, CO
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Hi moms. I have a one week old little girl. She was born full term, is plump and healthy (almost 9 lbs!), and is nursing well.

I have two older sons, one of whom is in pre-school two days a week. I did end up sending him today to school, and washed him up well when he got home, but now I'm wondering if that is a bad idea. I can't take back today, but do you think I should be keeping him home for the next few weeks? I'm worried since it's prime flu season. I hate to keep him home because he is already so stir-crazy since we aren't doing our normal playdates and outings with the new baby.

I won't see our pediatrician yet (until 2 months), but my midwife, who does the newborn care, said that I need to keep her away from direct exposure with kids other than my own for a few weeks, but she said it was fine to take her covered in a stroller to outdoor places like a park, etc. I didn't even think to ask about preschool....I can call her back though.


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answers from Dallas on

I was not disrupt his school schedule, I understand that you are concerned about the flu but get your family vaccinated and keep on keepin on. I wouldn't let people at the school touch him/her and keep her well covered but other than that you have to continue living your life. You cannot live in fear, I am sure the baby will be fine :) There are already so many changes that big brother has had to face pulling him out of school would just be rough for the little guy :(

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answers from Dallas on

As far as keeping your baby away from other children and out of the general public isnt just protection against flu and RSV, its also to protect them against other illness and disease they have not yet been immunized against. RSV and flu can be dangerous but so can illnesses that your child that has not had shots for. Especially since now a days, some folks have chosen not to immunize their children (no judgements). As long as you wash your hands well, you should be ok. My son had the flu (3 yrs old) and my twins were premies no shots 6 weeks. (Except for Hib) we just kept him away and made sure to wash up before we touched the babies and they were fine.

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answers from New York on

I frequently take my 2 yr old to indoor playgrounds and I always see parents there with their toddler and infant. Their infant is usually strapped to them in some way, like in a sling or they are kept in their infant carrier car seats. I think your baby will be fine



answers from Dallas on

I agree with the other moms. I just incorporated my little one into our daily schedule. If you got a flu shot while you were pregnant then that will also protect your newborn. My son is 3 and came home last week with the flu. I just kept them separated a bit and my 8 week old has shown no signs of being exposed.



answers from Chicago on

I had my son in Dec. I took him to a kids play place at 5 days old. I did nothing different. We all had flu shots, and we just carried on.

Some people thought I was nuts, but I made sure my hands were clean before I touched the baby, and there was no way I could keep my toddler home. She would have destroyed the house.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Unless your midwife has an MD I would call your doctor and ask this question. I was under the impression that babies had a certain amount of immunity. And its not like you are taking the baby out. I wouldn't disrupt the preschool schedule if I were you.



answers from Fort Wayne on

It's fine. You can't keep her closed off from everything. Yes, it's flu season, but you aren't all going to stay locked in the house for the next two weeks. Make sure he washes his hands when he comes home. Wipe down doorknobs, faucet handles, your phone, and anything else that everyone touches and sneezes and coughs all over. I was taking my newborns out around lots of people and places. They never got sick until they were older.



answers from Detroit on

It should be just fine! The baby will have your immune system since you are breastfeeding and keeping your little one home when he is healthy is not fair to him. Just do what you did when he got home.... wash him up, change his clothes, etc

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