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Family Dog

J.C. asks from Lake Charles

HI, I am wanting to get my daughter a dog. I want to do one of the pet adoption programs in our area. Question is, What is a good family dog?? I want one that is goo...


Husband Forbids Me from Having a Dog, Is This Right or Wrong?

E.E. asks from Dallas

I am an animal lover and always will be as I was raised around a farm. My husbands mother is an animal lover like me as well so he was raised around animals aswell bu...


My Dog Stinks!

A.B. asks from Kansas City

My dog rolled in something in my parents backyard. They don't have dogs, so I know it wasn't dog poop. I'm pretty sure it wasn't cat poop either. We have washed hi...


Pets and Faux Leather

K.R. asks from Kansas City

I posted a while back about furniture good for pets and kids and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with faux leather and pets. We have 2 large dogs and unfor...


Zhu Zhu Pets How They work...are They Actually Fun?

J.K. asks from Mansfield

I know that questions have been asked before about zhu zhu pets and I read through them. Here is the thing. Our whole house is they work on carpet or are ...


Hamster in a Ball Toy

D.W. asks from Dallas

Hi, Moms. I am seeking advice/information on the Hamster in a Ball toys. (not a Zhu Zhu pet) I have read in previous posts about them. Where do you find them,...


How to Pick a Dog

C.P. asks from Albuquerque

We've been planning to get a dog/puppy for a while and are finally at the point where we are ready to commit! We have already decided to pick one from the city shelt...


Sigh - Pet Death - Fish - How to Break It to Him

P.G. asks from Dallas

Yeah, I know we all go through this. Our beta fish that we've had for 2.5 years died. Not sure what happened. My son hasn't noticed. I just did. Son is 5. It was more...


My Dog Has Allergies! :(

K.I. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, My poor dog has allergies! To what we do not know yet. Next appointment we are having his Thyroid checked. For now we have him on a Lamb and Rice dog food,...


What Kind of Dog Should I Get?

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I have been always a cat person and my kitty died on Monday. Now my 4 1/2 year old son wants a dog. I don't know much about dogs. What kind of small to medium...