How Many Pets Do You Have?

Updated on July 09, 2012
K.J. asks from Picayune, MS
51 answers

How many pets do you have? Inside or outdoors? Or both?

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answers from Provo on

None. I refuse to have pets until all the humans in this house are completely potty trained. I need a break from potty accidents.

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answers from Detroit on

2 pugs, 3 cats, and a tankful of fish - all indoors. :)

DD would love to have more - namely a hamster, and a bunny rabbit. Someday! :)

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answers from Columbia on

Two indoor cats, one fish (whose bowl is also Girlycat's waterbowl, even though I bought the cats a fancy one...I guess she likes fish-flavored water).

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answers from Minneapolis on

NONE! Gasp. We are that family.

We do have plans to get a dog at some point though...

It's funny, growing up we had "all" the pets... dogs, cats, bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, birds... not all at the same time, but we were "that" family...

My husband is a ONLY DOGS guy... and that's fine. Eventually we'll get one.

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answers from Dallas on

4- outside dogs- Rottweiler , Chihuahua , Chiweenie & Heinz 57
1-outside cat that thinks he is a dog
1-inside dog-schnauzer
We live in the country and LOVE all our babies!!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Oh, tough week at our home! Our very loyal, super protective 90 pound boxer/shepherd mix was jumping around Tuesday morning as usual, by the afternoon she could not stand to come to me. We got her in the car and to the vet in ten minutes. Turned out to be a nasty hemangiosarcoma in her spleen and heart. There was no way I was going to remove her spleen, chemo and radiation (and probably a miserable life). My daughter and I both said no at the same time. We spent some time with her before she was euthanized and she STILL looked out for us by licking away our tears. I am just so thankful my daughter didn't come home to her dead dog....very aggressive cancer.

She was our watch dog so it is very quiet here with three indoor cats, a guinea pig, an indoor/outdoor little one eyed mutt we rescued in March and my ex-husband's lab we are babysitting until Sunday.

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answers from Chicago on

We used to have both a cat and a dog, but sadly the kitty who was a trans-speciel (dog in a cat body), passed two years ago and our lovely, better than any dog you can imagine, was laid to rest just two weeks ago after 14 years with my son and I. As much as I love the furbabies, I look forward to no "tumblefurs" rolling across my living room floor. My son is asking for a guinea pig now.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Our pet population is pretty small at the moment. There was a time when we had three dogs, four cats, a hamster or two, a parakeet, and a large number of fish. But that was when the children were growing up.

Now we have one dog and two cats. The dog is one we're raising for Canine Companions for Independence. She's a nine-month-old Lab, goofy and sweet.

Our cats came to us, as it were, and if another were to show up I wouldn't mind. One of them, a short-haired marmalade tabby, was found abandoned in the mountains when she was four weeks old. She is fifteen now, and only last year did she get brave enough to go outside; she sticks to the back yard where it's safe. The other is a medium-haired grey cat who adopted us a few years ago. We thought he had another home in the neighborhood (and maybe he did) until he finally stayed here all the time. He is six or seven years old, extremely friendly, and extremely conversational! He used to be much more an outdoor cat than an indoor one, but he has been in a few fights - er, lively discussions - and he seems to have decided that the indoor life is the best.

I'm not counting the robin family that lives on our deck. They have two babies. I guess I can't call them pets because they are claiming squatters' rights temporarily. I consider it a privilege. :^)

I get ribbed by my in-law family - agricultural background on both sides of that family tree - that it's a good thing my husband became an accountant instead of a farmer. I would fall in love with all the animals. I'd name all the chickens and pigs, and then I wouldn't have the heart to make them into dinner items.

(We also have four granddogs, four grandcats, two grandpigs (guinea pigs), and an unspecified number of grandfish. But they don't live with us.)

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answers from Atlanta on

Six. I worked in animal rescue for years, first for a humane association and then for a private rescue. I was also an animal foster home until my kids were born. ^_^ It's hard not to fill your house with animals when you see how many need loving homes.

We have three dogs, all rescued of course. An Australian Shepherd, a Bearded Collie mix, and a Fox Terrier. They live inside with us, as members of our family.
Two cats, both rescued. They are indoor cats.
One gold-fish. I will confess that we bought the gold-fish. S/he lives in a fish tank in my son's room.

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answers from Redding on

We have a white cat. She has one blue eye and one yellow eye. And an attitude. It's the only pet we've had for the last 7 years. Our environment is not conducive for a dog, otherwise we'd have a dog of some sort.

She's mostly an indoor cat, but every couple of days she likes to go outside, so I let her, she hangs out in front of our livingroom window on the fence and just "manages" things :)

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answers from Chicago on

We have two cats (both indoors although the younger one loves to go out and play outside when we're out in the yard) and a tank with four goldfish.
My husband and daughter want a dog but I've put my foot down for now. As much as I'd love a dog too we simply can't afford one and no one really has the time right now to train a puppy or spend much time with one.

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answers from Dallas on

2 large dogs, both inside. Oh, and one Betta fish.

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answers from Sacramento on

two goats (outdoors), three dogs (in and out), three outdoor cats, one indoor cat, an axolotl (aquarium) with ghost shrimp and guppies for food, a twig catfish, golden dojo loach and albino cherry barb (aquarium). when i was a kid we also had horses, sheep, and a donkey. my son has had 8 hamsters over the years. love my critters! i almost forgot the chickens and ducks!

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answers from Jacksonville on

German Shepherd.
She lives inside with us, and goes out for exercise and to play, with us.

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answers from Kansas City on

two dogs that live inside. one on the couch and one wherever i am. five cats, also inside only and thirteen (?) or so (they keep having babies every summer) pond goldfish - more than a few that are over 7" long, so they qualify as family members also.


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answers from Los Angeles on

one inside and outside dog, one goldfish.


answers from Boise on

We have 3 dogs, and 4 pups (6 months old, children of my female). The 3 dogs are indoor/outdoor dogs. The pups are mainly outdoor, by choice and come in every once and a while. We also have 3-4 cat's, mainly outdoor, but come in every once and a while. There is also a rabbit, who is outside in teh summer and inside in the winter. Last but not l;east we have 5 egg laying hens and 1 rooster who was a rescue.



answers from Missoula on

I miss living on a farm...

We had 2 dogs (indoor/outdoor), 3 cats (one indoor, 2 outdoor), 2 ferrets (indoor), 2 hedgehogs(indoor), a raccoon(outdoor), a goat (Outdoor, but he thought he was indoor...), and 3 bum lambs (outdoor) as 'pets'. THEN we had 15 laying hens, a rooster, 25 benny hens/rooster (just for fun. hee hee.), and 40 hens to butcher. We also had 6 pigs (I guess they were KIND of pets... they were used for 4-h, but we did eat them when they reached that age...), 2 cows, 2 horses, and a donkey.

Now, I don't have any pets. Darn landlord won't let us have any. :( I can't WAIT until I can afford my own place in the country!!!



answers from Albuquerque on

2 indoor cats. 12 outdoor chickens.



answers from Minneapolis on

We have 1 cat, 3 mice, and 3 Hermit crabs in my apartment, my ex has a German Shepherd and 2 cats. All of our cats are indoor/outdoor. I have a cat door so he can come and go as he pleases, my ex leaves an upstairs window open when possible, so the same. The dog is indoors unless we are outdoors with it, which is often. She is my running in the woods partner. Our daughter would love to have a bunny, too. Someday I hope to have a small house, instead of this one-bedroom apt. Then we'll have a bunny!


answers from San Francisco on

Two indoor cats and five fish spread between a five gallon and a ten gallon aquarium.



answers from Des Moines on

None....thankfully. I can't handle much more than my 4 kids....and can't really afford a pet either. We did have a goldfish my son won at a carnival....but that was left with a friend when we moved cross country.


answers from La Crosse on

16 yr old husky outside and a 10 month old long haired Collie inside.


answers from Grand Forks on

We have a 15 year old Siamese cat named Koko and a 14 year old Himalayan cat named Fuzz. They are both indoor cats. I have always had cats, but we are thinking about going without a pet once the cats pass on. My kids are very attached to the cats, and I have never been without a cat, so I'm not sure how that will work, but it would be nice to have a break from looking after a pet. We also have fish, and the boys are gettting some stick bugs.


answers from Tampa on

2 cats both indoors and a snake,obviously indoors



answers from Missoula on

Three German Shepherds, both indoors and outdoors.h


answers from Iowa City on

Two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, three fish, one snail. All inside. But the cats, pigs and dogs do get their outside time.


answers from Santa Fe on

2 husky dogs, 2 hamsters and a fish tank full of fish. My son wants a cat sooo bad. I want chickens and miniature goats! I wish!!!



answers from Portland on

One. One very old, mostly indoor cat. He goes outside for a few minutes, but would prefer to be mostly sleeping on our bed.

We adore our Gustopher Kitty, but once he is gone, I think we'll be taking a pet break. Maybe a fish, next?



answers from Louisville on

Two cats, both indoors. As much as I love them, I can honestly say, I finally understand that my mom was not being the meanest mother in the world all the years she didn't allow us to have pets. It's like having perpetual two year olds around (complete with the pouting, crying, and fighting with each other).



answers from Seattle on

Just one right now. Chocolate Lab who thinks he's a husky. Funny dog.

I've had cats, dogs, horses, koi, and a rescue iguana (healthiest roses, ever... She kept eating them at whenever was the perfect time to cut them back. Seriously... They looked like fireworks exploding there were so many blooms! No gardening necessary, just let the iguana eat as she pleased!)

All the pets (except horses) have been indoor/outdoor. All of them except my lab figured out doors. Although the cats never closed them. Just opened them and left them. But they were indoor outdoor to begin with.

My girlfriend had a boomer (kangaroo)! Her host family gifted it to her as a baby (came back in her backpack, and she carried it like that until it was too big) on a study abroad down under (kangaroo & koala ranch). San Diego eventually had her loan it to the zoo. until then, he slept with her. Weirdest thing. Rather like a great Dane, it was a reeeeeally big there was no exotic pet law where/when we lived.



answers from Bloomington on

1 dog, he stays out all day but has access to shelter & comes in at night.

Oh, & a fish.



answers from Chicago on

We had two cats when DD was born. Tomcat was none too pleased with the new arrival, so he got shipped off to live with my in-laws (he's 100x happier there than he ever was in an indoor city apartment, BTW). Girlcat remained her loving, purring self- even more so with the new baby, and was a loyal friend to DD until the very end.

So basically, we are between cats right now. When we are done travelling for the summer we are planning to adopt a new (to us) kitty. I loved having a two-cat household, however, so I am hoping that I can weasel a second cat out of the deal. It may not be possible after DH's and our landlord's say about it, though.

We live on the third floor, plus cats get hit by cars all the time in my neighborhood, so all kitties past and future stay inside.



answers from Honolulu on

At present:
Pill Bugs

I would like a Hen.


answers from Lakeland on

One Boston Terrier puppy (see her picture on my profile). She is an indoor dog, but loves to lounge on the patio and pool deck (screened in no bugs).



answers from Des Moines on

We have 1 indoor dog(beagle) and 2 indoor cats. We are going thru a lovely time with our dog...she's not getting all attention anymore since our 2nd daughter came last September. Vet said to try to crate her...she needs her own space...left her in the mesh-style crate today & came home to find her sitting in the middle of the kitchen! She had eaten/clawed her way thru the crate. Freaking dog! Now we have a hard crate!



answers from St. Louis on

2 dogs. CoCoa, our labradoodle, is 6yo & weighs 80+lbs. He's one smart cookie!

ChockO is our Old English Sheepdog mix. He's 4yo & 90+lbs, & pretty stupid. Alert as a herder, but that's about it. Love him. :)

& then I have 2 1/2 Men in my home. The pets are cleaner & easier to deal with....most of the time. (2nite is not a good night....:)


answers from San Francisco on

Dog (in and out) kitten (in for now, will go out after he's fixed!) and a rabbit who lives in our office, in and out of his cage but never leaves that room :)
Oh, and hubby has a coral reef saltwater aquarium in the family room with all kinds of sea life including coral, anenomes, shrimp, snails and a few random fish, including a clown fish.
Can you tell we like animals?



answers from Bellingham on

Unfortunately two dogs which are allowed inside (against my wishes).

One is a massive deerhound/bull Arab, the other is an ancient golden Labrador.

I was a very much pet-girl until I had children, then I found them to be burdensome. My deprressive husband likes having them though.


answers from Los Angeles on

1 Indoor dog- He is MY baby, I LOVE him SO much. He is a Catahoula Leopard dog/Rott mix and he is AMAZING! He is gonna be 5 in September. His name is Brooks. He is WICKED smart and the epitome of 'Calm Submissive' and I am absolutely the pack leader! He was a 'clearance' puppy...found him at a PetStore and he was on sale for $39.99, I knew immediately that I had to have him. He is a BIG dog weighing in at 95Lbs. He is Black/Brown Brindle and people (dumb people) think he is a PitBull?
*I know people are against buying animals from PetStores but they can all 'eat it'...there was NO WAY I was walking out of that PetStore without my Brooksy!

2 indoor/outside cats. My husband and middle son are 'cat lovers'. The oldest is 9, her name is Miranda she is Grey & white and HAS to sleep on our bed EVERY night, she scratches at our door until we let her in, she is cranky and only really loves my husband but she tolerates me, just realized last summer that ALL the kids (even the teenage boys) are afraid of her...and the youngest is 4, she is a very pretty siamese mix, my son named her 'Pony-tail Girl Cat' but we just call her 'Pony' or 'Pony-tail'...she is my son's cat and she sleeps with him every night, without fail.


answers from San Antonio on

We have one dog. (5 year old "toy" chihuahua) My one daughter has two hamsters. The other daughter has fish...She has a 29 gallon tank and has at least 10 or 12 fish.

They're all indoor animals.

We used to have another puppy. She passed away recently. She was also an indoor dog.



answers from Milwaukee on

2 dogs (one 130 and one 70 lb) indoors, 1 cat in door and 1 beta fish at the moment. I would love to add another dog or cat but my husband says no :(

I just watched an HBO documentary on how many animals are put to sleep every day-very depressing. I would go to the shelter today and get another if my hubby would lighten up.


answers from Washington DC on

One dog!! Indoor. He loves to be outside and bask in the heat - he is a boxer pit bull mix and is a love bug.

Would I want more? yes. I'd love to have two or three dogs but we don't have a big enough house or yard for 3 dogs.

no cats. allergic to them.

No fish.
No gerbils, hamsters, etc.

I would contemplate a fish or hamster if the boys wanted it. but luckily. nope! content with a dog!!



answers from Philadelphia on

One dog and cat, both indoors. In the past, I've had a ferret, a quail, an iguana, and fish.


answers from San Antonio on

None anymore. Used to have one indoor/outdoor dog. He's now in doggy heaven. We enjoy everyone else's dogs and cats - making doggy treats and taking them to friends even! So all our 'pets' are outside - deer mostly.


answers from Jackson on

One! We just adopted an Australian Shepherd puppy =)


answers from Dallas on

3 indoor dogs.

American Cocker 13 yrs old currently not well and we are keeping him monitored closely. We are surprised he's been with us this long, such a sweet dog.

English Cocker 7 yrs old avid tennis ball retriever and BFF to

Toy Poodle 6 yrs old and for 8 # he believes he's all that and more with his attitude!

We also back up to a wooded area, lots of wildlife, bobcats, coytes, raccoons, etc



answers from Rockford on

Do my two teenage boys count? We also have a cat who likes to go out every morning and evening when the weather is nice. She sometimes brings in her own pets, such as crickets, grasshoppers, praying mantis, moths. Once she brought in a live bird, which she just played with, so my husband had to go down in the basement to catch it and let it go. He said it was real fun. We have two adult crested geckos, one teeny weeny newborn crested gecko, and a few eggs we are waiting on to see what happens.



answers from Minneapolis on

All inside...2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, 2 goldfish, and 1 frog



answers from Dallas on

1 lab who stays outside. He goes in the garage when it rains. He just showed up and decided to stay. We checked him for a chip and built him a fence.



answers from Orlando on

Just one Betta fish! I have always had cats (one at at time) and when my daughter was born, I moved and at the same time and decided to let the cat go (sniff). A friend of a friend adopted her. So, we had been pet free until last Xmas when Santa brought the fish. And, I have to tell you, he has quite the personality for a little fish! He's really cute :)

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