Pets and Faux Leather

Updated on February 27, 2009
K.R. asks from Independence, MO
6 answers

I posted a while back about furniture good for pets and kids and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with faux leather and pets. We have 2 large dogs and unfortunately they do get on the furniture. we have found some that I think will work and we are going to look at it tomorrow but wanted some feedback!


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answers from Kansas City on

I would not recommend a faux leather couch. We bought a real leather couch and a faux leather chair this summer. Our lab has destroyed the faux leather with her claws but the real leather still looks new. Every time she jumps on the faux leather chair she leaves a scratch.



answers from Kansas City on

with the dogs jumping up on the furniture your going to have a hard time keeping anything clean and not torn. just a warning they most likely will chew on the faux leather cause I know my three still try it. our smallest dog is 20-25 lbs and the larger two are 50 and 40 lbs and they all are still pups. my particular dog doesn't like shiny faux leather for some reason. the first time I knowingly had it around him he flipped and started growling at my cousin's backpack.

my dogs are male and anytime we bring new things in the house they try to mark it so i've had a hard time keeping my furniture clean in that respective. so really it doesn't matter what kind of furniture you get just try introducing the dogs to it and then try teaching them to stay down when you don't want them up there.



answers from Kansas City on


Faux leather does not wear as well as whole hide leather. Vat died whole hide leather will scratch, but kids and dogs won't easily puncture the surface. Of course the down side is that it is expensive.

Faux leather and split grain leather have the same problem the leather surface is thin and you are relying on a fabric backing cloth to keep the surface from splitting. The way to tell if furniture is real leather is to unzip a pillow and look at the underside surface. If you see fabric webbing it is faux or split grain leather. Furniture made with a whole hide will have the same color on the inside and have the texture of rough suede. However, even expensive leather furniture will use some vinyl or faux leather on the secondary surfaces.

We bought our leather sofa and love seat in 1995 and still have both pieces in our living room. They have out lasted the fabric sofa I purchased by nearly 6 years. They have survived 3 three dogs, one puppy, and our daughter. So, my recommendation is to buy the best furniture you can afford with stain guard and UV protection to prevent fading. That way you won't have to replace it in three years.

Best wishes,




answers from Wichita on

Good Morning K., some friends of ours have the faux leather sofa and chairs and love it. They also have a bunch of gr kids and a little long haired dachshund? It cleans up very nice.

Our son & daughter in law just purchased a sofa of faux leather also, two little kids no pets, but it is looking great. They had the scotch guard put on it also, just to make sure it stayed looking good.

Check with the dealer you are buying from and get their input also.

Good Luck with it I want one Toooooooooooooooo lol
God Bless
K. Nana of 5
PS We always bought new with out thinking before hand, kids little we had leather sofa and chairs. Cold in winter HOT in summer, and tore with jean brads or toys. Then we moved got new again, Teenagers flopping and spilling stuff. Cloth this that time. We moved back to KS. New again, cloth with stain guard. GR Kids and puppies. Even got new carpet in our new home. Well even with it treated against stains and guaranteed to be stain resistant, Nothing ever just hold up well with 5 gr kids and pets. Hubby said few weeks ago we're not getting new again until all the gr kids were married........*laughing* We'll be thread bare and walking on wood by oldest is 9 youngest is 17 months.


answers from St. Louis on

Iv never had leather type furniture, just because I think its cold and uncomfortable, but I have seen several leather couches all scratched up by dogs. It may be better for baby mess, you can just wipe it off, but I think the dogs will put their nails through them. I bought a couch that was stain treated and its amazing how things just come off of it. Also, if just a wet paper towel doesnt do it, a baby wipe will get anything out! Good luck! I love furniture shopping, but it can be overwhelming!



answers from Kansas City on

Just watch those nails! My husband had a "pleather" couch when we got married, and my cat tore it to shreds. If the scratching isn't a problem, it's okay, it cleans off pretty well.

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