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2 Year Old's Elmo Birthday

Hello, Does anyone have pics of cute Elmo themed birthday cakes? I have my son's 2nd birthday coming up and would like to give my baker some photos of different cakes to give her some ideas of what I would like. Thanks!!!

Traveling with Pets

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My Cat Is Peeing in Other Places Besides Her Litter Box!!

Okay, my cat is about 6 years old and this morning i found that she had peed on my 16 month olds little Elmo couch that folds out for him to lay on (we just bought this for him this past Saturday and he absolutly loves it). First of all i was wondering if anyone knows how to get the cat pee out of it, we can't put it in the washer and this is brand new, this morning i put it in the laundry room and my son had a fit, i felt so bad for him, i think this little couch is his favorite thing we have ever gotten him! Anyway, any advice on getting...