Family Pets: The First Years

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Debating over a Cat....

I need a little help deciding here... my mother in law has 2 cats they're both sweet but however she's been looking to give one away. I've never been a cat lover or a dog lover for one reasons....the shedding of hair... However this cat she wants to give away, when i was pregnant it would always come by my tummy and rub its head every time i go there it comes to me and it just wants to play... this cat has gotten into in love with him... I would take him in our home, but one problem...he sheds like crazy. you touch it and you get a...

Boarding Pets

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Safety Gate: Safety 1St Perfect Fit or the First Years Everwhere Gate

I'm buying a gate to go into my daughter's bedroom door, as we're moving her into a bed in the next couple weeks and I want to "gate" her door. I want it to be pressure mounted. I'm trying to decide between the Safety 1st Perfect Fit or The First Years Everywhere Gate (found both on Target website). Both are plastic with a translucent panel so she can't climb the gate. My key question is how easy is the pressure mounted function? Is it fairly easy to put up and take down the gate each time I enter and exit her room? Does anyone...

Death of a Pet

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Wanted: Advice from Anyone with an OLD Pet Cat......

I am starting to get concerned for my older cats safety and I am hoping anyone has some advise for me. My "Tigger" is now 12+ yrs old. He is a very very healthy guy. He has never had anything wrong with him, ever! He is neutered as well. He is an amazing pet. First a little history: he has always been able to go in and outdoors whenever he pleases. He goes potty outside. We do have a litter box inside which he'll use in extreme situations (ie. huge rainstorm outside). If the cat door gets locked or blocked for whatever reason...

Dog Training

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Advice on Dog Nipping/Biting

We've had our dog since he was 8 weeks old and our daughter was 2. Now is is just over 1 year and our daughter is 3. He is a terrier, chihuahua, and Lhasa Apso mix. They have always been great together and she has always been able to take his bones & toys without him being protective. We don't encourage it but the dog has never minded her playing these games. Until now. I bought him a new rawhide bone that is bigger than the ones I normally buy. He actually growled at her when she got too close or he thought she was going to take it from...


Dog or Not?

Hi moms, Been trying to get a dog for my daughter. To be her best friend...

Pets with Children

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What Pet Should We Get?

My husband and I are discussing getting a family pet. He wants an indoor cat or a small dog. I would prefer a sometimes indoor mostly outdoor dog because my son loves to be outdoors. We have a sixteen month old little boy who can be quite rough while playing so I'm thinking a bigger dog would be better so he doesn't accidentally hurt it. I am home all day so it will get plenty of attention. I went to a shelter today and found the cutest 1 year old beagle who has been declawed. Can anyone tell me any reason why we should not get the beagle...


Toddler and Dog

I need some suggestions. My toddler gets very exctied around our ten year...

Vets & Animal Hospitals

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Is First Years or Evenflo Breast Pumps Any Good?

When my son and daughter were born premature, the WIC offices where I lived provided a motorized Medella pump supplied from a medical supply store. Obviously this was very good. I know that Medellas are sold in Target but I also seen other brands. Is there an "off" brand ie, Evenflo, First Years, etc. that is comparable but without the price??