Family Pets: Tween

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My Daughter Wants a Guinea Pig. Should I Let Her?

My 13 year old daughter wants a guinea pig for Christmas this year. We already have a cat and she feeds him and changes his litter every day.I know I will have to take care of some of the guinea pig's needs but i will encourage her to do as much as she can. My daughter loves animals and in fact wants to be a vet. She even typed up a reaserch paper on guinea pigs to prove to me she knew what she was doing. Should I let her have her guinea pig?

Death of a Pet

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The Death of a Pet

How do you tell children that their pet(cat) is child is 5 and one is 10........I'm asking for my sister!!!


Death of Pet

We are in the process of finding out our dog may have cancer. In order to...

Dog Training

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What Chores Do You Require of a 12 Year Old?

My dd is busy outside of school with sports practice 3 days/week and we are usually gone on the weekends. I haven't required a whole lot of chores of my kids because I'm a stay at home mom and I actually prefer to do most myself (I'm pretty picky about laundry and I have lots of breakables when cleaning). But, it probably would be good to give my 12 yo some chores just so she's trained to do certain things. What do you give your pre-teen for chorse?

Exotic Pets

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Do You Have a Rat as a Pet?

If so do you find it to be a lot of work? Do you find it to be a good pet for young children 6 and under? We have thought about this a lot and know that we cannot/do not want to get a cat or a dog. We have done fish but just are not that fun for children or adult's LOL. We think that having a Rat or a couple of the 3-4" max length rats would be a good choice but want to hear the good/bad about it. also I think that a hamster is to "squishy" for young children so I don't think we will do that. How much do you spend roughly a month on a rat?...


Having a Pet Bird

I have two girls, 4 and 6, who would love to have a pet, however, I do not...

Pets with Children

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Bed Time for 10 Year Old

I am the mother of 3 healthy, active children. Recently, my husband and I have been in disagreement about what time my oldest (10 years old) should be allowed to stay up at night. I feel 8:45 for the 10 yr old is good since he must be up at 6:45am to get the bus at 7:30 am for school. I am the one who gets the kids ready for bed, reads to them, makes sure teeth are brushed, etc and my husband travels for work often so he is not home. When he is home he is usually watching TV, especially sports in the evening. But, my husband thinks the...

Traveling with Pets

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Has Anyone Ever Done a Road Trip in an RV?

After a couple of exhausting vacations to Disney, my husband and I have decided to try a more relaxing, less commercial, vacation and take the kids on a road trip (am I crazy?) We would like our kids to see the Grand Canyon, and maybe camp in some National Parks. We have a 9 yr old and a small baby girl so we were thinking a small RV might afford us some basic needs for things like eating, bottle making, diaper changing, sleeping etc etc and we can carry tents, fishing gear etc if we happen to stop at a place where we can camp or we could...

Vets & Animal Hospitals

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14 Year Old That Has a Lot of Headaches

I have a 14 year old son that has headaches quite often. He wears glasses, so that is not the problem. He comes home from school daily with a headache. I have taken him to the doctor and they have no answers for me. Does any one have this problem. He has had them on and off for 3 or 4 years now.


12 Year Old

Hello everyone.......I need some advice...I am a single mom ....of a 12 year...