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HELP, My Husband Is Driving Me Crazy!

M.M. asks from Peoria

What do you do when you have a husband who turns into a hermit crab? Get him a shell?? We use to do all kinds of things together. There was very rarely a moment wh...


Blackberry, Palm Pre, Droid Luv Em or Hate Em?

M.S. asks from Columbus

I will be getting a new phone within the next 4-6 months. It is mind-boggling, trying to think of what will be a good fit for me. I talk and text, but not excessive...


In Laws Driving Me MAD!!

L. asks from San Antonio

I am at my wits end with my Inlaws! My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years and have 2 children (4 years old daughter and 1 year old son). I have alway...


Wanting to Go Back 2 School

P.E. asks from Philadelphia

My name is P. and i am 32 yrs old. i work as a CNA in a nursing home. i want so much to further my education. i would luv 2 go 2 school 2 become a LPN or even a RN an...


Seeking a Good Child Care Facility for My 28Th Month Old Twin Girls

S.S. asks from San Antonio

My girls were at home with a nanny until April 4th. Now that they are close to being 2 and 1/2 yrs this June and our nanny found something else to do, we are looking...



A.P. asks from Detroit

I am looking to purchase or Lease a new car in the next couple of months and was wondering about the KIA Sedona?? Does anyone drive one and can tell me a little good...


Friendship Endship

P.P. asks from Chicago

Me and my kid have been hanging out with my friend that has kids for quite some time. Recently, I had sort of an epiphany about this relationship and realized that i...


Bad Dad

R.G. asks from Spokane

I am writing on here because I am at the end of the line with the situation that I am living in. I read advice of others on this site often and I wonder if there are ...


Spin off of Lilpiggietoes Question

T.N. asks from Albany

So, what do you think your KIDS would say (provided they're verbal), if we asked them what their mom is like? What kind of Mom do you have? Or something to that ef...


Need Some Advice on Heart Ache

B.R. asks from Columbus

I am finding it harder to deal with these past couple weeks, but I recently went through a break up (several months ago). I was with what I thought was the love of m...