Driver's License

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M.M. asks from Detroit

My oldest just finished the first segment of driver's education. He now has to go to the Sec. of State to get his Level 1 drivers permit. Whenever I want to go som...


Driving Classes

I.S. asks from Dallas

My 15 year old son finished the classroom portion of his learner's permit. He is signed up for driving lessons with the same school where he did the classroom portion...


Fear of Driving

A.L. asks from Las Vegas

Hello I have a friend whom although she was able to get her license about 15 years ago, she still doesn't drive. She simply fears it and although she has done therap...


Driving to Florida

K.C. asks from Cleveland

We are going on our first family vacation to Florida and unfortunately we are driving since flying is too costly. I have twin boys that are 3-1/2 and a boy that is 6...


Fear of Driving

K.H. asks from Portland

Anyone else have this fear? Anyone get over it? I have an intense fear and it's holding me back from making friends and having a support group. I'm literally stuck...


Underage Driving

L.P. asks from Dallas

My neighbor lets her 14 year old son drive. I don't mean with her in the car coaching. I mean she sends him on errands, by himself. At least 3 times a week I see him ...


Flying or Driving

J.D. asks from Philadelphia

so summer vacation is coming up and my family has offered to pay for me and my girls to come down to visit them for 2 weeks. My mom wants us to fly but since im by my...


Driving at Night

M.T. asks from New York

My nine month old is very afraid of driving in the dark. SHe screams and cries the entire time she is in the car at night. Durring the day she loves the car and giv...


Need Defensive Driving Course

K.A. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of an Online Defensive Driving Course? If no, do you know of an enjoyable class that meets in Plano?


Kids Driving Long Distance

P.W. asks from San Francisco

For mothers with kids of driving age: at what age did you let your kids start driving long distances? How on earth did you feel comfortable with it? Tonight, my da...