Childcare: Arms Reach

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Seeking Advice on Blended Families

I need your advice on how to proceed with the problem I am writing about. It's a long story that I will try to make short. I have an 18 yr old that just graduated from high school in June. In April my boyfriend gave him an incentive..which was to go to motorcycle school and get his license and he would help him get a bike if he got it all done in 30 days....well my son took him up on the incentive and paid for the school etc...passed written and driving May we found a really good deal on a bike 2006 harley sportster...we wanted...

After School Care

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"This Whole Family Hates Me!"

Ok girls......I need your advice. My 8 year old son is going through what I can only hope is a terrible phase. He will blatantly do something wrong (whether it is on purpose or accidental) and will never admit it! This morning I watched as he purposely pushed his little brother off the couch, making him hit his chest on the coffee table and fall to the floor. I saw him do it. I punished him and he denied it, saying that his brother jumped off the couch. He was adamant that he did not do it and would not apologize to his brother. I...

Day Care Centers & Providers

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Out Growing Arms Reach Co-sleeper, What Now?

Our daughter is now 6 months and has been sleeping in an Arms Reach co-sleeper since birth and has always started out the night there except the first few weeks. She currently goes to bed in the co-sleeper at 7pm and is out relatively quickly unless she is having a bad teeth night or got over tired due to missing a nap during the day. I recently figured out how to nurse in bed on my side (about time!) and she wakes at about 4am to nurse and I have been bringing her into bed and feeding her and then she sleeps the rest of the night in bed...


Biting at Daycare

I have a 2 1/2 year old who goes to daycare 3 days a week. It is a family...