Childcare Expenses: Infant

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Raising a Second Family.....

J.C. asks from Tulsa

When my husband & I married a few yrs. ago we bought a small house & van & had plans to retire and travel. Within 6 mos. we had his 5 yr.old granddaughter with us full...


Monetary Gift with Strings Attached

O.E. asks from Louisville

My son and his wife are expecting their first baby in June. With their individual incomes, it's not possible for either of them to stay home. It will also be difficult...


Stay-at-home Mom and Finacial Support from Husband

L.E. asks from Phoenix

Hi fellow Moms! I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I would like to hear from those of you that are in my similar situation. I am a SAHM of 2 little ones, 5 & 3 &1/2 bo...


Need Advice from Moms with 4 or More Children

A.S. asks from Lansing

My husband and I have 3 children and figured we'd still have one more another day. Our youngest will be 3 in May and we're contemplating getting pregnant now, which wo...


SAHM Wondering How Others Deal with Family Finances

J.H. asks from Burlington

The biggest thing my husband and I fight about is money. My problem is that as a SAHM, I feel undervalued. My husband works all the time but, of course, so do I. The d...


Moms of Singletons

C.B. asks from Kansas City

just wondering if anyone else out there is a mom of one, and wants to stay that way? i admire all you women out there who have several children, or want a bigger famil...


Need Some Reassurance!! :/

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

Ok, so I currently work evenings with my husband working days so that we don't have to do the childcare thing. I have 3 days a week off which means that I have 3 even...


Deception and Details......

A.W. asks from Jackson

My EXH has claimed 100% the daycare expense in the past four years of child care on HIS taxes...yet he bills me for 50%....{he invoices me for half expenses called SER...


Do You Think This Is Unreasonable?

M.M. asks from Tucson

My ex's and i divorce is still not final, because he requested concilliation counceling our court date that should have been on Monday. Instead we will be going to cou...


Possibly Returning to Work... Yea ;D or Sigh ; (

M.D. asks from Chicago

I have three boys (10,5,&3) When my middle son was born, it was beneficial at the time to stay home. Daycare for 1/2 day kindergarten and infant was outrageous!!! So I...